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Conspiracy theorist Timothy Holmseth hit a new low in a Facebook post he made the day of this writing using the image of a baby. He claimed the child represented the result of setanic ritual abuse. 

The problem is that is not the reason for the photograph. The truth is that the photo was taken of a male baby who had been Circumcized. Apparently Holmseth could not find a photo of a baby that had been a victim of setanic abuse. Instead, he steals a photo of a baby that was the victim of something else entirely.

This is a pattern seen over and over again. Holmseth either steals material from another source and then misrepresents it or he simply lies about an incident. The above is a prime example of his subtle plagiarizing.

Truth is a stranger to Holmseth and he will use anything out of context to garner the attention he so craves.

Those who believe everything Tim Holmseth writes about should take his recent action into account when making the decision to support or disavow him.

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    • Big Lebowski
    • Posted December 6, 2017 at 7:26 am
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    Dear Murt,

    Plaigiarizing. Plagiarism. There is no “u” in the word.

    This Holmseth dude is obviously nuts and playing to an audience of only crazy people.

      • Posted December 6, 2017 at 12:54 pm
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      It is obvious that Holmseth only wants an audience that completely agrees with him. He does not want criticism and does not want to have to account for his actions. When someone who claims to be an investigative journalist makes claims against a group or individual and then blocks those same individuals from defending themselves, they are demonstrating that they do not believe in what they wrote.

      Tim Holmseth is not an investigative journalist and because of that he does not deserve any attention. He is a relic of an age old case and it is time to put him in the trash bin of the past.


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