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2017 was a bad year but 2018 is going to be so bad that everyone is going to wish they had 2017 back. There will be changes coming throughout 2018 that will be so profound that when 2019 comes to be, all of our lives will have changed so drasticly and quickly that we will wonder what the hell happened.

That is, if we are still around. There is always the danger that we may not exist at this time next year.

As I said this post is the last one for this year. It will also be the last post on this blog, period. The only exceptions are if developments having to do with the subject matter written about recently takes place.

I am starting a new blog on Jan 1, 2018.

The new blog will be a work in progress and those who choose to visit will notice that a lot will be different.

This blog will remain open for all to read but by Jan 10th or so, comments will be shut off.

Stay tuned