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I was rather puzzled as to why the pretend journalist Timothy Charles Holmseth did not publish the decision of the judge until this morning when my copy of the court records arrived.

There are two things to be noted. First of all, there are no audio recordings in the court record. Tim had claimed that he submitted unedited audio recordings to the court that would have named the South Florida attorney. This appears not to be the case as any evidence submitted to the court would have been available through a FOIA request.

UPDATE: Apparently there was a miscommunication between me and the clerk of the court. She thought I was asking for audio transcripts of the hearing rather than the 2 cd’s that Holmseth had submitted to the court earlier.


Second the¬† court record did indicate that the restrictions against BOTH parents discussing the details of Tim’s investation remain in place. Holmseth accomplished NOTHING with his visit to the court and nothing has changed regarding the custody of his son.

If Tim Holmseth continues to claim that is life is in danger if he releases his “secret information” he will be lying.

I would suggest that if anyone disputes what I say in this article that they obtain the court records themselves. The Case number is 60-fa-13-468 and can be attained by anyone who calls the Polk County Minnesota  Clerk of the Court.

Stay Tuned