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For at least a half a decade Timothy Charles Holmseth and his assiciate @Astro has made some serious accusations against me on his various blogs and youtube accounts. Virtually all of his and Astro’s accusations involve serious federal offencs that come under the jurisdiction of the FBI as well as scores of Local and State law enforcement agancies.

I have denied these accusations, of course, but Mr Holmseth and Astro persist on repeating these accusations almost on a daily basis. So it is time to get these people to either back up their words with action or to shut the hell up and start deleting those accusations off their accounts.

I have sent Tim Holmseth several links to the FBI on his blog as well as this ultimatum on Twitter. I cannot contact him on Facebook because he blocked me.

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You want me investigated? Pick up the phone, give them a call and demand that I be investigated. I DARE you. Be sure to record it as proof you called. FBI Orlando area contact information: Address: 850 Trafalgar Ct #400, Maitland, FL 32751 Phone: (407) 875-9976

I will be personally visiting my local FBI office in Maitland FL to discuss their accusations.

Stay Tuned