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Over the past decade, Tim Holmseth, Self proclaimed Investigative journalist and pizza delivery driver has boasted he has secret recordings and files that would amaze the world when they came out. He boasted that he could not release this information because his life would be in danger and so forth.

And then something weird happened

In his latest article he boasted that now all of this secret information is public record since they appeared as evidence in his latest court appearence on December 13th.

His biggest revelation, according to him, were the two cd’s containing the audio recordings and evidence of the alleged crimes he claims to have been done. 

The evidence turned out to be absolutely worthless as it is more of the same things he has publised in his not so banned book and on his youtube and other accounts. The only thing that is different is that he was able to find a way to disclose the names he is probited from doing so by court order.

Of course, everybody knows exactly who he is talking about. He gave so many clues in his posts as to who is who that even the most ineptet arm chair detective could figure it out. 

The content of the recordings are also worthless as the people making the claims and accusations on them have not appeared in court to testify under oath. The recordings are hearsay. Anyone can claim anything and can accuse anyone they please but they have to prove what is being claimed or that the accusations are true.

The recordings and other material Holmseth has provided do none of this. Nobody knows the source of a lot of the material contained within the files and recordings. Nobody knows the contex of the material and recordings.

Not one expert has examined anything that Holmseth has provided to verify the authenticity of any of his “evidence.”

Tim Holmseth has aligned himself, recently, with a group of conspiracy nuts that draw and extremely narrow audience. While their numbers may be good, their impact is not. They preach to the choir of those who believe what is not provable. Because of that their damage may be limited.

I would suspect that the recordings will find their way onto the internet eventually but they will not get there by me. I will examine them when they arrive sometime within the next 10 days or so, but I doubt I am going to do much beyond that.

I have set a deadline of December 31 of this year as when I am going to end my on line battle with Mr Holmseth to get him to finally tell the truth and take down the lies he has posted about me for almost a decade.

Come 2018, I will be moving on to more productive matters and will change the way I handle Mr. Holmseth.

Stay tuned