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For some strange reason Timothy Charles Holmseth simply cannot keep from lying. He made this rather snide remark in his blog earlier today:

Today, Murtaugh published clipped segments of the court’s order on his website

According to the Polk County, Minnesota Register of Actions, the Order was filed on December 14, 2017. Yet – Murtaugh, who lives in Florida, already has a copy of the Order. Parties in the case have not even received a copy – and the case is still classified as Open.

How Murtaugh obtained the Order almost immediately is not known.

Well, apparently Tim Holmseth did not examine the document very closely. First let’s go over some details.

First, the hearing was on Wednesday, December 13th.

Next. I obtained a copy from the ruling by the judge by e-mail.

Now take a REAL CLOSE look at the top right hand corner of the document:

You can  clearly see that the document was recorded within hours of the hearing. The judge made the ruling FROM THE BENCH which meant that all parties in the courtroom heard her final decision.


I had obtained the document 2 hours prior  to my blog article. I published my article late in the afternoon of December 15th which is over 48 hours from the time the document was filed with the court (1:01 PM polk county  Mn. time on Dec 13th)

Holmseth then adds this rather odd remark:


There’s a reason Murtaugh is following the case – he’s nervous – VERY nervous.”

WRONG, Mr Holmseth. What I am is both angry and annoyed that you lied about me in a court proceeding. I did not ask to be brought into your little soap opera and have you lie about me over and over again since at least 2012.

I have asked you, Mr Holmseth to remove my name from your fantasy blog and you refuse to do so.

Because of YOUR actions, Mr. Holmseth I am FORCED to follow any legal proceeding that I am mentioned in to keep track of exactly what you are accusing me of.

Speaking of being worried. Tim Holmseth must be scared of something since he has blocked me from his Facebook account where he posts things about me that does not always appear on his WordPress blog. Just what is  on his Facebook account that Tim Holmseth is frightened of me seeing.

Someone else on his Facebook account must be worried since it was at her insistence that I was blocked from his Facebook account.

One final thing:

Tim Holmseth made this remark near the end of his slanderous blog:

“Holmseth believes Murtaugh and the attorney he publishes for need to be investigated by the FBI per Wayanne Kruger’s claims they steal babies and sell them.”

Two points here. It is HOLMSETH that has made the above accusations since Ms Kruger has never accused me of ANY wrongdoing.

Second: I agree that the FBI and other law enforcement agencies investigate this and other accusations that Holmseth has posted on his various blogs. I also feel that Holmseth himself needs to be investigated and charged with violations of the Computer Fraud and Abuse act as well as countless charges of perjury and issuing false instruments to various courts and law enforcement agencies.

I will be sending out a series of letters to the FBI and other law enforcement agencies demanding that the accusations against me be investigated and that Holmseth along with the Astro user account who is his accomplace also be investigated regarding their accusations and actions on Holmseth’s blog and on other internet websites.

If you, the reader, wants me and the others investigated, here is the addresses you need:

FBI Headquarters. 935 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW. Washington, D.C. 20535-0001.

FBI branch, Central Florida (where I live) Address: 850 Trafalgar Ct #400, Maitland, FL 32751

Stay Tuned