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Tim Holmseth has blocked me from reading his Facebook account after I exposed a hoax he was perpatrating about a child being the victim of Setanic ritual abuse. I am actually surprised that he has not done this earlier since he is too much of a coward to account for the lies he has told about me and others. Tim had recently posted an image misrepresenting a baby as being a victim of Setanic child abuse when it was, in fact, from an article about male circumscison. 

I understand that he is now using the excuse that he used the image as an example what happens to a baby that is subjected to this kind of abuse. The problem here is that no honest journalist would engage in or condone such a practice. If you are going to write about setanic abuse rituals, use an image that is specific to that subject and not from a source that has nothing to do with the subject at hand.

I suppose that now that I am unable to see Holmseth’s posts, he will once again start defaming me and others as he has this habit of blocking anyone who is either his target or those he is scared of having to confront over his false and defamatory content. 

At least now that he has blocked me, his content will no longer show up on my Facebook account which is a victory of sorts. 

Update: I find it rather odd that a journalist would want to reduce the audience and attention to his work. But since that is Tim Holmseth’s choice, I am going to grant him his wish. I had intended to go through his book and discuss why it had been banned thus aiding him, in a way of getting his side of the story out.

However, since he has decided to self censor himself, I have found that giving him any kind of attention would not be in the interest of the general public. It is much better that Holmseth be isolated and given as small an audience as possible. 

This will be the last mention of Timothy Charles Holmseth with, perhaps the exception of the so called December 13th hearing he is scheduled to appear in. Once that little saga is completed, Tim Holmseth will go into obscurity along with the Atlanta blogger who is also no longer relevant. 

Mission accomplished.

Stay tuned



    • Who is the stalker here? You, I think!
    • Posted December 12, 2017 at 9:07 am
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    I thought that you said this guy was stalking and harassing you, Murt. So why the hell would you want to have contact with him on Facebook anyways?

    Even your lies don’t make any sense, dude!

      • Posted December 12, 2017 at 3:24 pm
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      You do not seem to understand what has been going on or you are just a troll out to spam me once again. Holmseth has made serious accusations against me. I went to his Facebook account to set the record straight. He will not tell the truth and rather than engage in a mature debate, he followed orders from one of his zombie minions and blocked me. Holmseth is supposed to be an investigative journalist writing about some rather serious issues. MOST ETHICAL journalists would welcome and understand that there will be criticism of their writings and that they would have to back up what they have written. Holmseth is NOT an ethical journalist but is nothing more than a pizza delivery driver pretending to be one. If you had bothered to notice, I have not said one word about Holmseth in quite a while. I am finished writing about him. He is a relic of the past and not worthy of my or anyone elses attention.


      • Posted December 12, 2017 at 8:23 pm
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      I have been told his Zombie minions are mentioning my name again in spite of me ignoring him. Now why do you suppose that is?


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