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I had long ago made the decision that I was not going discuss this particular blogger since getting this individual to understand the truth about certain matters and to act in a moral manner was futile. That was, until I was sent what has to be the meanest and most vile blog entry in recent memory.


A bit of background here. The Atlanta Blogger has had issues with Brianne Chantel, a gossip blogger out of Canada for quite some time. I have had issues with Ms CHantel myself and have severed any contact with her as well. It was this blog war between and Brianne Chantel that sparked this outrage.

Hours before this blog was written, several Bloggers started tweeting unfavorable remarks against Ms Chantel.  In the midst of these remarks came one by Radio, the owner of in regards to Brianne Chantel

In the article that was linked within this twitter post, Radio made the remark that she was hoping that Tilly Godwin was in fact Brianne that “offed herself.”

It is unfortunate that Radio did not do its homework for it may have found that it had mocked the death of an administrator of a Facebook page having to do with an infant suffering from CANCER rather than a women she clearly despises. It was on this Facebook that this announcement was made:

“It comes with great sadness to announce that one of the individuals who put this page together passed away suddenly this evening after being tormented online by a cyber-bully. Due to wanting to respect the privacy of their loved ones, we won’t be releasing any further information. That being said, we are going to be taking some time away from this page during the holidays and will return in the new year.”
It seems that Radio of feels it necessary to mock any mention of someone committing suicide due to internet bullying.



This is the problem with these vendetta based blogs. Out of hate and anger, the owners of these blogs make cruel and demeaning remarks about their targets. Sometimes when they do so, they pick the wrong one.

Unfortunately this Anonymous blogger who herself claims to be a mother, will never be held accountable for her actions since nobody knows who it is.

UPDATE: While researching this article, I came across an entry where those who had commented on Tilly were scorned by the creator of the Facebook for Tilly Godwin. It seems Radio got it wrong, yet again when IT claimed that the story on Tilly was a HOAX.

This prompted two responses from the administrators of the Facebook page in question:


“We are also disgusted by the individuals (Holly Briley, Levi Page and Tamara Tattles) who continue to say us posting news on Tilly’s apparent remission was a “hoax.” It was NOT a hoax. We got our information from Shane Meaney’s Twitter account just like everyone else did and assumed what he said to be the truth.”

The administrators went on to cite their sources for the story.

“We got our information from Shane Meaney’s Twitter account just like everyone else did and assumed what he said to be the truth. Shane’s Twitter post is here:
Shane also stated that he got his information directly from Britney, herself, here:


Because of the actions of ALL of the individuals who included Tilly in their dispute, the administrator of the Facebook made this announcement:

After discussing things with one of my other admins, we’ve decided that we will be closing down this page. Unfortunately the trolls and cyber-bullies (namely Holly Briley and Emily Cho) have infiltrated this page, and yes, in a way they have “won.” Since our project for Britney & Tilly was completed, and with the current drama that has surfaced, we feel that keeping this page open would be detrimental to our original game plan, and that game plan was to support Britney, Tilly and their family throughout their ordeal.”
Because of the thoughtless actions by a group of bloggers including that Facebook page in their spat, the administrators were forced to take the step of taking the blog down in order to not further harm the family.
Again, I cite the adage of “beware the unintended consequences of your actions.”
One of these days it is hoped that this group is going to learn to shut up and mind their own business. In the meantime, I will not be holding my breath.
Stay Tuned


LEVICNNLevi H Page, a former regular of HLN has yet again threatened to write a smear blog against me. Levi Page has claimed in a series of twitter posts to have spoken to several law enforcement officials regarding my coverage of the three missing child cases in the Central Florida area. Levi H Page, repeating a practice he engages in after making these threats, has DELETED them from his Twitter log. The main reason for doing this is so that some of those he is associated with such as

do not witness what he is writing on his twitter account when it comes to threatening individuals he decides to engage in a personal vendetta against .




It would be surprising if Levi H Page were to name the law enforcement officials he spoke to. Under Florida law. ANY conversation that law enforcement has with the public or a member of the press is subject to FOIA inquaries. If Levi uses ANY excuse for NOT naming any official he talks to,he will not only be guilty of a breech of journalistic ethics, but should require those reading his threatened expose to question his truthfulness as a journalist as well as his lack of moral character.

For some strange reason Levi Page has been obsessed with me since I tried to understand what the problem was with another target of Levi, Tim Holmseth.cnn


I did not take sides in the Holmseth issue, but rather had wanted to understand all sides of the saga concerning him. Since then, Levi H Page has intensified his attacks against me with the stated goal of driving me off of the internet.


This is also strange since my only presence on the internet is in writing this blog, playing Facebook games and the occasional twitter comment. Even this small presence seems to irritate Levi H Page who has bragged about also driving off the internet an elderly widow whose only form of expression was a small blog similar to this one where she was friendly with Mr Holmseth and questioned the criticism against him.


The actions of Levi H Page demonstrates a trend occurring with the various individually owned blogs on the internet. The owners of these various blogs target those they have issues with and do so in total disregard of ethics or morality.

Levi H Page is different somewhat in that he claims to be a journalist with mainstream media access. He does not seem to understand the responsibility he imposes upon himself with this declaration. TRUE journalists abide by this code of ethics.

The important section of this pledge of journalists is “Minimize Harm
Ethical journalists treat sources, subjects and colleagues as human beings deserving of respect.

Levi H Page and his circle of bloggers DO NOT follow this code. They engage in name calling, defamation, the use of revenge porn (almost all photoshopped) as well as other demeaning imagery or content.

Levi H Page also violates this code as do the other bloggers:

Act Independently
Journalists should be free of obligation to any interest other than the public’s right to know.

Journalists should: —Avoid conflicts of interest, real or perceived.

Since this is a personal Vendetta by Levi H Page, this is clearly a conflict of interest on  his part. He is not an impartial judge of whatever it is that he writes. He is instead using the power of his blog as a personal vendetta against me rather than any finding of fact.

It is unfortunate that Levi H Page is going down this path of yellow journalism. It is a clear example of why the general public is turning away form individually run blogs as a source of information and venue of truth and again returning to mainstream media sources and their professional journalistic staff who abide by these codes as well as the laws that govern the dissemination of information to the public.

As much as I would liked to have moved on from this personal nonsense, I will be forced to address whatever accusation or reporting Levi H Page engages in on his blog as he threatens to do so. Rather than moving on, Levi H Page has brought this on himself.

Stay tuned



wambulanceThere is this sad little hick from Northwest Florida that just cannot stand the fact that he was blocked from my twitter account. He likes to make defamatory comments that he loves to force me to read. Poor little Pops does not understand that perhaps people do not want to read his childish garbage and does not want their twitter log clogged with his childish nonsense.


I got news for Pops, I am blocked as well, Big frigging deal. I do not care if I am blocked by someone or not. Life is not so important that I am worried about who or who does not block me.

Pops really needs to get a life.

Stay tuned


MARYFORCEDLevi H Page, who was once affiliated with CNN, HLN, and who counts himself as a close associate of Jane Valez Mitchell as well as a number of other members of the mainstream media has once again announced his attention to do whatever it takes to “run me off the internet.” He certainly has a lot to say about me, most of which is false and certainly all of it recycling old accusations that have been floating around since 2006. I never claimed to be perfect and not to have made mistakes. Have I made mistakes? Yes. But who has not?


It is not so much that he has something to say about me that is the problem more than it is this intention of him and a few close of him to force those they target off of the internet. They want to stop people from posting on Twitter and other social media sites. They do not want their targets to write blogs. They do not want their targets  to have chats, or to have any kind of multimedia broadcasts.

Levi H Page and his associates do not want, most of all, ANY criticism made about them. They do not want to have their actions or comments questioned. They want complete control over what they say and do without having to be accountable for their actions.


The question is why? The question is why do these people turn their backs on the one fundamental right we all are supposed to enjoy in this country and that is the freedom of speech. Apparently Levi H Page and his associates want to control what people do and say. It is not only the freedom of speech they want to deny to their targets but also dictate what people can and CANNOT do to make a living or seek reimbursement for expenses.

borfirst amendmentfirsttheycame

Levi H Page and his associates have appointed them selves judge and jury over the actions they accuse their targets of. It does not matter that the accusations they make are false. They make up their own rules of evidence. They disregard the rule of law for they make up their own law.

What is necessary to point out here is that this is not about one or two individuals. It is about a trend that is seen more and more often all over the internet. The group Anonymous and others have made themselves the new world order. The earliest example is Anonymous going after The Church of Scientology. Today, this rag tag group of activists go after anyone that displeases them. All rights afforded citizens under the laws of the various countries throughout the world, are meaningless to them. They appoint themselves the laws and the enforcers.

As long as people like Levi H Page and others are able to dictate who can and cannot participate in the freedoms set down by this country, there will be the danger that these freedoms will disappear.

Stay tuned



It seems that another Levi Page Groupie decided to join in on spreading false rumors on the internet. The problem with this sort of post is that some people will not take the time to check out the claim of the person making it. Instead, just like in society in general, these rumors get spread and people will start to believe them.yancylieleviblogthret

This comment by Yancy Faith claims that I charged either for people to read this or any blog I had set up. I most certainly did not. My main goal when I set up my various websites, Including the multimedia streams was to offer FREE access to my streams and blogs. To make such a statement. Yancy Faith proves what I have been saying all along regarding people like her and Levi Page, who retweeted this falsehood, that they are not out for any kind of truth. These people are out to make false accusations and stalk those who they disagree with or otherwise have issues with.


Levi Page retweeted this two year old post in hopes that people would not notice that it was an old post. This is how rumors get taken as fact. Old accusations that were disproven years ago get recycled as fresh accusations forcing the process of disproving them to be necessary yet again.

Rather than mind their own business, these people engage in this kind of action which further stifles debate and deter many from enjoying the freedoms of expressions our country was founded on.

Censorship by intimidation is no way to win an argument.

Stay Tuned



There are those out there in cyberspace that Fear dissent. There are those out there in cyberspace that fear an opposing opinion. There are those who fear someone on the internet attempting to be proactive in seeking answers. There are those who fear those who engage in certain endeavours, even when they are legal. There are those who fear these things in others that they, themselves take part in.


There are those who fear accountability for their actions. With all these fears comes acts of desperation in order to silence and allay that fear. Those who fear engage in illegal or immoral acts in desperate attempts to silence those whom they fear.

Thus one must ask, what is that these people fear? I would assume that what most fear is the truth.

In 16 days of this writing will be 2014, the year of resolution. What is being resolved? Those who engage in certain extreme acts, fear that resolution. fear

Stay Tuned



There seems to be this free for all mentality among some internet personalities that claim they can post whatever they damn well please on the internet because it is legal or it is freedom of speech. This justification is made in spite of the damage it may cause to the victims of what is posted by those with ulterior motives. The most severe and common problem is the proliferation of revenge porn websites. When one thinks of Revenge porn, one almost immediately thinks of Hunter Moore who is the most well known person for creating this sort of website.



This time around there is a woman who is running a revenge porn site, in this case, posting images of mistresses submitted by wives who have found the images of the mistresses on their husbands cell phones or computers. The images are usually followed by stories by the wives of the torment they have gone through as a result of transgression.



Now, the women out there who might read this will say “well the mistress and he deserve what they get.” Well, maybe. But consider what the woman says in the article about her website:

Asked how she ensures her names-and-shames are true and accurate, Alexander replied: “I can’t be certain for anything I read on the Internet if it’s true or not. I mean, you can’t be certain. Somebody’s telling a story.

You cannot be certain  anything you read on the internet is true or not? And in spite of this you publish the images anyway?

Herein lies the problem. Revenge porn websites and blogs are not the only place where this problem exists. There are thousands of blogs out there run by individuals who post things about people who do not seem to care if what they are posting is true or not.

The blogger or forum owner hides behind the first amendment. The blogger and forum owner also hides behind the disclaimer :

” Under the Communications Decency Act of 1996, providers of an “interactive computer service” are in no way liable for what their users do, and piles of rulings since then have fortified the immunity of website owners. In her website’s About section, Alexander emphasizes that the posts and comments “represent the opinions of the original poster and are not endorsed, approved or representations of the opinions” of the website or its owners.”


This disclaimer allows bloggers and forum owners with no ethics or consideration for the subject of their wrath to hide behind a legal firewall. In order to avoid civil litigation, some of these website operators will hide behind off shore and private  accounts and other security measures to prevent them from being accountable in civil court for their actions by the injured party.

One Ohio case where a teenager was accused of being a mastermind in a gang rape demonstrates how difficult this process is when a lawsuit was brought  against a blog operator determined not to answer for her actions or those who make similar accusations on her blog and forum. After spending thousands of dollars trying to locate the blogger who fled the state, a settlement was reached and the lawsuit was dropped.

The blogger or forum owner cares only for their visitor count and seems to oblivious to the damage that is being done to innocent people on a daily basis. This damage is life long, as content that is put on the internet is there forever. Getting content removed from the internet is at the least difficult and expensive and more often than not, impossible.

In a lot of cases, mirror blogs and forums will duplicate the content of the original blog. Lately the practice of using file sharing sites such as expands the material and again, increases the hardship on those being targeted.

To combat this problem, an increasing number of states are considering legislation to make the website, bloggers and forum operators liable for their actions. In a recent California case, a revenge porn Website owner was arrested for extortion because he was charging a fee to allow the victim to have the material removed.

Going the legislative route will be time consuming and will also run into the freedom of speech issues that will ultimately arise.

The ultimate solution to this problem is for the operators of these various sites to obtain some moral and ethical backbone and use restraint with what they post.

The problem is that morals and ethics have taken the sideline to trolling, attention seeking and for those only interested in visitor counts rather than quality or truth.

Stay tuned


The arrest of Jesse Ryan Loskarn, 35, of Washington, D.C., for not only possessing child pornography but also distributing it, is stunning to say the least, but when one finds out just what it is that this man had in his possession, the question arises “why is anyone even interested in seeing this stuff.?”Most of the time when we hear of someone being arrested for possessing child pornography, we think of images of naked children. This case, and and an increasing number of others, it goes well beyond mere images.


Mr Loskarn is alleged to have downloaded and distributed videos of adults having sex with children. In most cases the adults were raping the children. It has been said that Mr Loskarn has hours of disgusting videos of children being exploited in the worst ways imaginable.

It has been reported that when postal inspectors arrived to arrest him, Mr Loskarn was seen throwing a hard drive out of the window of his residence. That hard drive was recovered.

The main reason this particular case has garnered so much attention is that Mr Loskarn was the Chief Senate aide for Gop Sen Lamar Alaxander.


He has been in this line of work for over a decade and is well known in Washington, DC. Many other cases as bad if not worse than this one does not get near the attention.

When one understands what the children are going through while being photographed in these situations, it is hard to comprehend why anyone would want to view this material let alone possess and distribute it. When you add the stature and prominence of Mr Loskarn and those like him who are being arrested for this sort of thing, it is even harder to understand why someone would throw their freedom and career away over something so vile as child pornography.

Stay Tuned


Yet more proof has come my way of the extreme racist views put forth by those who seem intent on seeing me leave the internet.



What is interesting about the rants is that I am a white Irish Catholic. The two posts I place here are but a small example of the kinds of messages I get by twitter, by e-mail and by the use of prank websites such as Those out there who wish to consider the accusations against me may want to consider the source of those accusations and the kinds of messages that they send me and others.


I think their words speak a lot of their lack of character and the truth as to who my haters are.

Stay Tuned


By sheer coincidence, after I wrote the article by Hunter Moore, I came across this announcement out of the State of California:


This time, the center of attention is Kevin Christopher Bollaert, 27, of San Diego. This slime ball would attempt to extort revenge porn victims out of $325.oo to remove their images from his website. This was a win win for Bollaert  as he not only made money off of his website but also made money off of the victims as well. Unfortunately for him, this is considered extortion which is illegal and thus got him thrown into the slammer.

This is yet another indication that law enforcement is finally getting serious about abuses on the internet of which revenge porn is the most serious and fastest growing.

It is hoped that those on the internet that engage in personal attacks understand the ramifications of this arrest and the other efforts being made to put a stop of these kinds of this practice and cease their own practices before it is too late.

Stay Tuned