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By sheer coincidence, after I wrote the article by Hunter Moore, I came across this announcement out of the State of California:


This time, the center of attention is Kevin Christopher Bollaert, 27, of San Diego. This slime ball would attempt to extort revenge porn victims out of $325.oo to remove their images from his website. This was a win win for Bollaert  as he not only made money off of his website but also made money off of the victims as well. Unfortunately for him, this is considered extortion which is illegal and thus got him thrown into the slammer.

This is yet another indication that law enforcement is finally getting serious about abuses on the internet of which revenge porn is the most serious and fastest growing.

It is hoped that those on the internet that engage in personal attacks understand the ramifications of this arrest and the other efforts being made to put a stop of these kinds of this practice and cease their own practices before it is too late.

Stay Tuned




huntermoorewebOne of the most disgusting and meanest acts on the internet is the posting of revenge porn. The man accused of creating this form of cyber abuse is a man by the name of Hunter Moore. Over the past few months there has been an ever growing movement to end the Reign of Hunter Moore over his alleged creation of several internet websites showcasing this strangely  popular end result of broken relationships. The first question asked is “what the hell is Revenge Porn anyway?”


One definition of what is considered Revenge porn is this link:


One of the most prominent victims of this practice is Holly Jacobs:


Hunter Moore takes advantage of the mean nature of some people, mostly male, who want to go to extreme measures to get even for the ending of an intimate relationship. It is common that it is the person being dumped that engages in revenge porn. The guilty party takes advantage of those situations where, in intimate moments in the relationship, their partner allowed themselves to be photographed in the nude and in sexually suggestive poses. The more explicit the better for Hunter Moore’s purposes.

The photos are submitted to the websites without the permission of the subject, of course, and when it is discovered by the victim, it creates a highly upsetting and stressful situation for the victim. Several groups, prominent among them the hacktivist group Anonymous who have taken it as their mission to put a stop to what Hunter Moore is doing and punish him in the process. One internet website at the forefront of this effort is


Bullyville also has other social media websites:

Bullyville which touts itself as attacking cyber bullies, pedophiles and other kinds of abusers has kept Hunter Moore as their primary target as has Anonymous and other internet individuals who have made it their mission to put an end to what Hunter Moore is doing on the internet. This has included the practice of doxing Hunter Moore and the claims of publishing his credit information and even the use of his credit card accounts to pay for hactivists expenses in the take down of  Hunter Moore.


As recently as 14 hours prior to the writing of this article, the Twitter account of Hunter Moore was banned.



This is no easy task as he had at last viewing over 400,000 followers which usually makes it a difficult task to get an account banned from Twitter. In spite of this Hunter Moore has dug in for a battle royale. It is not clear who will win the ultimate battle but a result of the attention being paid to Revenge Porn, several states have passed laws or are considering passing laws to address this practice. At the forefront is the State of California.

Much of the credit for the passage of this law goes to a 25 year old woman by the name of Dr. Charlotte Laws found herself a victim of what would become known as Revenge porn.


It is becoming ever more clear that Hunter Moore is becoming the prominent catalyst for efforts to put a stop to revenge porn. More states are beginning to follow Calfornia’s lead in putting a stop to this evil practice.

I, for one,  hope it is sooner than later.

Stay tuned













zimmermanshelliesamanthazYet another reason that one cannot take a woman’s word most of the time. It seems that George Zimmerman’s latest girlfriend,  Samantha Scheibe,  has changed her mind and now says that George did not point a gun at him. She also has petitioned to have the No contact order levied against George Zimmerman dropped. This makes the second woman in George’s life to lie. George’s soon to be ex wife lied about the funds raised for George’s legal defense fund.


“When I was being questioned by police I felt very intimidated,” said Samantha Scheibe in a new affidavit. “I believe that the police misinterpreted me and that I may have misspoken about certain facts in my statement to police.” In fact, he “never pointed a gun at or toward my face in a threatening manner. … I want to be with George.”


Now before you ladies come after me for being sexist, just check out the news. It seems the female gender is quite adept and giving out disinformation. Actions do speak louder than words.

Stay Tuned


lpage1For quite some time, blogger Levi H Page, has made me a target of his wrath. He makes some rather odd posts on Twitter and then once I have read them, he deletes them. In his latest rant, Mr Page seems to imply that the Department of Homeland Security is interested in this blog. He makes the inference that there must be some criminal activity on my part as the reason for the so called visit.


Somehow, Mr. Page does not seem to be able to find out just why there would have been such an OPEN visit by this government agency and why they openly visited the Blog that was behind this visit in the first place. I  find this rather odd since Mr Page cites as friends such CNN personalities as Jane Velez Mitchell  along with other high profile media presences. With these connections, Mr Page should have been able to find out what is so important about this blog that makes it the center of Government attention.

A bit of background here for those who might be wondering what all of this is about.

Several months ago, a blog based out of Atlanta Ga claimed that The Department of Homeland Security AND the FBI was interested in this blog and posted a screen shot of the government  ip address visiting THEIR blog. The months have passed without anything becoming of this so called visit until Mr Page, as has been his habit over these several months, barged into a conversation between me and another Twitter individual to yet again make false narratives about my character.

At the same time, Mr Page continues to demand that I take down  certain rumors about him that were published on my blog. These were rumors cited by others making comments on my blog. Once Mr Page sees that I have read his snide remarks, the twitter posts are deleted, which strikes some as rather odd. He makes the excuse that the remarks “pollute” his tl and he removes them to maintain a “streamlined” twitter account. I suggest that there might be other reasons for him removing these posts.

Mr Page must not heard of an odd practice that is common among the hactivist group Anonymous and tech savvy individuals. This practice is known as ip address spoofing.


What is rather odd about this is why Mr Page was not able to find one of several thousand links visible in a Google search that explains this practice and how common this practice is. I suppose one reason for him not conducting this research or if he has, not informing the public of any research he MIGHT have made, is that it would take the wind out of the sails of the kinds of inferences he has made about me since I became the center of his attention.

This and other actions on Mr Page’s part makes one wonder just what are the true motives behind these internet posts he has made regarding me and other individuals he seems to have a problem with. I think it is Mr Page’s motives that need to be looked into to determine just exactly what it is that he is up to.

Is there something concerning Levi H Page that he is trying to divert attention from by shifting the attention away from him and onto me and others?


Stay Tuned




dericWhen the Steubenville Big Red Rape case garnered increasing attention, one individual emerged as being one of those more prominently proactive in seeking what some perceived as the correction of an injustice. That person was Deric Lostutter. Known as KYanonymous, Deric became the primary force behind those who felt there was a cover up in the case and sought justice for Jane Doe, the rape survivor and also was determined to out those behind the alleged coverup as well as attempt to have those who the group felt participated in the rape held accountable as well.


Many, including myself, disagreed with the approach that Deric and those close to him took in their efforts to correct this perceived wrong. Despite the intense objections to his actions, Deric, at the head of Knightsec, an Anonymous affiliated op group proceeded to go after the targets of his wrath. One of the things Deric was alleged to have done was to hack into at least one internet web and e mail site. This action is said to have led to a raid by the FBI of his residence in Kentucky.

Deric is now under investigation by the FBI and may see indictments handed down sometime in January of 2014. If convicted, he faces a minimum of 10 years in federal prison. Soon after the raid Deric formed two accounts for the purpose of soliciting funds to pay for his legal defense of the pending charges as well as cover his various living expenses.

His actions along these lines has caused a great deal of criticism among both friend and foe alike. In spite of this intense criticism, Deric continues with his efforts to seek donations on the two sites.  The dispute over his actions has intensified recently as the on line independent social media journalist Don Carpenter has taken Deric to task over his various actions and claims he has made.



The dispute has now reached the point where there may be a civil action undertaken  by Mr Carpenter to hold Mr Lostutter accountable for his actions.

For better or worse, Deric has not yielded to the demands of his critics and this has not changed with this recent threatened action by Mr Carpenter. Time will tell if this is the right choice or the bad choice for Deric Lostutter to make.

Stay Tuned


Those of us who fight among each other could learn a lot from this man.


Stay tuned


shrewprofileA short time ago, yet another sock puppet appeared on my twitter following list. When this person started posting, it was about the doxing, or so it thought, of someone loosely associated with the Steubenville rape case debates. As the rants evolved, I found myself being the target of this nut case. The gist of this stalker’s attacks against me is a threatened “whoop ass” that is to take place in my deceased wife’s birthday at the end of this month.


In the process of attacking me the stalker decided to give out her? autobiography which reads like something out of an afternoon soap opera plot line. The short plot line reads something like this. My stalker is supposed to be a 37 year old attractive female divorcee who claims her ex is short changing her out of her just deserts. She is complaining of being underpaid in her divorce settlement. She is complaining that her career as a wealthy art dealer was given up for him.



The “poor” little rich girl even have to give up her BENTLY (they run several HUNDRED grand) because she could not afford to make the payments.


What we have here is a typical “she said but no he said” since we have not heard the husband’s side of the story if one even exists. Now this jet setter is bragging about being down in Miami drinking it up and  going to art exhibits and mooching off of someone by the name of Frederick.

It seems that I am the target of a bitter woman who is using me as an excuse to vent out her personal problems rather than dealing with them.

This has been the pattern of several stalkers who have made my life miserable over the past few years..

Now we await until the 31st of the month to see what kind of false narratives this latest nut case comes up with.

Stay Tuned




opendmurtNow ask yourself. Why would the almighty Anonymous want to shut down this small blog that has, at most 10 readers? Is it because, perhaps, that I speak the truth about this terrorist group that does nothing except threaten and intimidate anyone who calls them out on their deviant actions? Anonymous is famous for this sort of thing. For some strange reason they got a burr up their ass over The Church of Scientology. I do not care about Scientology or their actions but Anonymous certainly does. That is their roots. They go around finding those they do not like for one reason or another and then use anything including illegal acts to silence their targets.

In this case I am just an ordinary retiree that does little more than an occasional entry on twitter and play Facebook games. In spite of this I am now a target of an op by this group of nutballs. I am not sure how long this blog will be here along with my twitter account. These idiots are hell bent on denying me the rights afforded by the laws of this country.

Most of the members of this particular operation are unemployed drunks living with their parents because they are too lazy and too selfish to go out and do something meaningful with their lives.

Stay tuned


srantA drunk recluse who suffers from PTSD and a troubled childhood, a divorced woman who suffers constant pain due to back surgery and has disputes with her family and now a drunk woman who lives to party who had a bitter divorce from a man who wanted her to bear him kids. This is the consistent pattern of the kind of people who attack me on a regular basis with revenge porn, on line pranks and prank soundboard calls.



The attacks against me have simply been a way to vent their troubles by imposing their anger on others. I am not the only one being attacked this time around. Even those who have attacked me and  still disagree with me are on her rant list.

When considering what the accuser is accusing someone of it is best to consider the background of the accuser to be certain of their agenda.

Stay Tuned


sb2I logged into Twitter this morning to see that the drunken racist Anonymous troll is at it yet again. make more false accusations and spamming my twitter followers as well. What this Anonymous leaves OUT of the equation is the complete truth.

I start of first with the use of slurs. Yes, I had used the slurs mentioned in anger due to two UNSOLICITED AND HARASSING phone calls that were made to me. What the Anonymous troll refused to explain in its rant is WHO made the calls and WHY. It is that inconvenient truth that the Anonymous left out.

Way back in 2008, a known Anonymous troll who went by the handle of Monoxidemmac was credited with being behind several prank and harassing telephone calls. The calls are still out there. Not only the calls to me but to many others.

These are known as soundboard calls. They are the result of  a service provided by a website:

The soundboard calls made to me were made to my cellphone unsolicited by what to me were complete strangers. At the time I did not know of or that this technology existed. The more popular call, the judge Judy call as it is known, starts out with a woman screaming accusations at me the second I answered it. There was no ” Hello, my name is and the reason I called……” It starts and ends with the woman screaming over and over again in what some who have listened to it consider a drunken rant.


The second soundboard call was exactly the same except this time it was a well known Hispanic actor whose voice was used in it. The same actor’s voice, by the way, was used in a similar call to others concerned with the Caylee Anthony case.  The call contained threats of violence against me. I do not know about you, dear reader, but when someone calls me and wakes me up out of a sound sleep screaming threats of violence and so forth, I tend to get mad. Did I use inappropriate slurs in my response to the caller? Yes. It is what it is.

What you will find, however, that if you go through the THOUSANDS of calls recorded in the website above, you will find where HUNDREDS of other victims did as well. THIS is what the Anonymous troll spamming my twitter account leaves OUT.


Now to the language and who ELSE uses it. The Anonymous troll conveniently leaves OUT the fact that it is Anonymous that uses the same homophobic language. There are countless examples of the use of terms such as Faggot. newfag, oldfag, agingfag and so forth. Anonymous also uses the N word endlessly.



What people need to understand is that what Anonymous accuses me of doing, they do themselves. Rather than face their guilt, Anonymous turns their guilt on others.

Stay tuned