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I am not going to mince words here. Timothy Charles Holmseth is a serial stalker. Law enforcement has said it, courts have said it and at least two people have been granted civil protection orders against Timothy Charles Holmseth because of it. Timothy Charles Holmseth is under investigation because of it.

The problem comes as how to deal with Timothy Charles Holmseth because nothing so far has been successful against stopping his absurd and dangerous behavior.

In my case, I have tried engaging in a reasonable discussion with Timothy Charles Holmseth, asking him to back up his accusations with proof. Instead I get called a retard time and again or he posts illegal phone calls to me which are legally considered harassment and a form of stalking.

These are the same kind of “prank phone calls” Timothy C Holmseth rails are made against him. It is most likely, however, that the phone calls are actually made by him to him as part of a publicity stunt to garner donations under false pretenses by the few gullible fools to follow him and condone his actions.

I then tried to ignore him and to stop discussing his actions. This has also turned out to be a futile effort considering what he published the day before I wrote this article. His minions called me a troll because I continued to ask Tim Holmseth for proof and was rebuffed by these mindless trolls who do not seem to care if there is any proof or not to be provided by Holmseth for his outlandish accusations against me and many others. They demanded I stop posting on his blog and I complied. That did not work either.

So the question becomes how does one deal with a serial stalker and his continued habit of lying? Since ignoring Tim Holmseth does not work and confronting him in public does not work, there has to be another more effective way to deal with him.

I may have found a way.

Stay tuned


A while back when Tim Holmseth claimed that people were calling him, I challenged the truth of his claims by pointing out that the calls may have been faked using voice altering, voice imitating or text to speech software.

He denied all of this, of course, but there is just one problem. On the day of this writing Tim Holmseth has used a text to speech utility using a female voice to narrate one of his videos.

What surprised be about this is that he found a utility that I have been unable to locate. The voice quality of the software is not that bad and could prove useful. All the other programs and apps I have researched are either of poor quality or quite expensive.

So either Tim has come into some money or he has had this software all along and has been using it to fake the phone calls I discussed a while back.

Now to sit back and see how he wiggles out of this one.

He could also do me a favor and tell me the name of the software so that  I can get it and use it for my own purposes.

Stay tuned


I once wrote an article on this blog explaining that there is now a cottege industry of sorts that engages in the business of spreading false narratives for clients who wish public opinion to be steered in a certain direction.

Trolls and others have used and still use similar methods to conduct smear campaigns against their victims often using fake posts and other counterfeit materials to create false evidence. Now, it has been brought to light in the mainstream media as an extreme example of this practice has been made public.

It is becoming clearer everyday that there is a vast amount of fraud going on over the internet and the public is left wondering just what is true and what is not.

Stay tuned


It appears that the whole Astro is dead and Astro commited suicide stories are nothing more than an elaborate hoax likely started by Astro herself. A while back I received messages saying that Astro was dead and that she may have committed suicide.

Her Twitter account went untouched for a short while until a name change appeared ” Keeper of the Name” which I supposed was meant to give the impression that either a friend of family preserved the account for some reason.

It was an impression that would have stuck provided that the account remained dormant. That did not last very long as all of a sudden, the profile rants began once again. First the rants against Astro’s “enemies” vanished and was replaced with the one she most commonly used when she was “alive.’

Then, not long ago, I was reading a twitter account that I follow to find that Astro’s bio had been changed yet again. The latest posting on her account clearly indicates that she faked her own death in order to “trick” people into checking out her LOCKED twitter account to read whatever is in her profile/bio that appears on the page and resulting into her critizing people for checking out her Twitter account.

Astro, for years has been known for posting subtle messages through her profile/bio section on her Twitter account and changing the username header to advocate such things and deporting someone or hoping someone gets arrested.

That odd practice was bad enough but this time Astro or whoever is doing this has crossed a line. To attempt to fool people into thinking she is either Dead or had committed suicide is a perverse and cruel thing to do. I know that some people are upset that she may have either died or commited suicide and now they are even more upset to find out that the whole thing is nothing more than a sick joke.

At some point there may be a bio rant where she claims that someone hacked her account and also spread the hoax but this claim will fall on deaf ears. Astro had pleanty of time to disavow the rumors by posting on her Twitter account or elsewhere on the internet.

Instead she remained silent and allowed the rumors to spread. The one account that messaged me about her alleged suicide had been created expressly for the purpose of sending me that claim. It vanished within two days.

It is not clear that Astro is someone to be ignored and is now officially discredited. She will probably go on with her perverse bio rants for this seems to be the only way she is capable of communicating.

Unfortunately if there comes a day when she actually passes away, nobody will care or believe it since she has cried wolf one time to many and has now become a phariah in the internet community.

Stay tuned


Sometimes timing is everything. As I blogged earlier, a rumor had been floating around that Astro had passed away.

The rumor went further within a day when I got a message that Astro had committed suicide.

When I checked her Twitter page in which the only thing that can be read is her profile, the status remained unchanged as it had since May 22 when it was the last anyone had heard anything from her.

Almost immediately after I wrote my blog, someone changed the username on her account to Keeper of the Name. Now, the only way that change could be made is for someone to have administrative control over that account.

This clearly means that either Astro herself changed the name on that account or someone who accesses the account, with or without her permission did so.

This brings up a whole new set of questions and also comes very close to this whole thing as being an elaborate hoax.

The faking of a death on the internet is nothing new. In fact, it is fairly common. Now everyone will want to know who was responsible for this hoax and why.

This action also casts doubt on anything that has been posted on that account since the account was locked quite a long time ago. At one time a post had been made on the account that someone besides Astro was administering the account while she was “traveling.”

It is, therefore, safe to assume that the person everyone thought was Astro may, in fact, be an imposter.

A blogger was exposed last fall as being behind a great number of fake Twitter accounts and this could very well be the work of that same blogger.

The modus opperandi fits.

Stay tuned



There is now the belief of several people including myself that the reported death of Astro is not true and may, in fact, be a hoax. Now if it is a hoax it is not certain who the source of it could be.

The original thought was that sometime after May, 22nd when all activity ceased on her Twitter account that something happened to Astro. Some may remember that Astro has a habit of posting “messages” in her profile since she has a closed account and therefore does not post the way the rest of us do.

I had received a direct message from someone who had regular contact with Astro stating that she had passed. A day later I got another direct message saying that she had committed suicide.

Once that rumor surfaced a number of people began checking the public records to see if there was any truth to this rumor.

To date, no information of any kind has surfaced to determine if Astro is living or dead. Since a suicide is considered a homicide, there would have been law enforcement involvement and a death certificate issued regarding the exact cause of death.

In the event of a natural death, there would still be information that would eventually be in the public record. In most cases, families publish an obituary of a loved one who has passed. There would also be notices of a wake, funeral or similar ceremony.

It is this lack of information that has cast serious doubts on the contention that Astro is deceased. The question that then comes to mind is how did this rumor get started and who started it? The person who notified me got her information from someone in a Facebook message.

The claim that Astro committed suicide came from an anonymous Twitter account holder that had contacted me recently. There are two scenarios to consider. Either someone started this rumor as a way to harass Astro or worse, Astro has started this rumor herself.

At this point, there is no answer to the hoax or not question. It is now a waiting game. However, the longer it takes to get to the bottom of this, the worse it is going to look for Astro.

The truth needs to come out and it needs to come out soon.

Stay tuned


It is with sadness and dismay that I saw a post about someone who used to be a friend. According to the post, Astro has passed away. There has yet to be any information as to the accuracy of this information or what the cause of her passing might have been.

I am going to continue to look into this situation to either validate or disprove this development. If this turns out to be true, I offer my condolences to her family and loved ones.  Astro and I once had a good and friendly relationship but due to personal differences, we have drifted apart.

I am sure she will be missed by many.