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SNOOPOne noticeable trend that has taken place over the past couple of decades is the trend away from good and thorough investigative reporting in Central Florida.

The most severe lack of good investigative reporters is in the area of high profile missing persons cases. In the past decade, Central Florida has seen quite a number of high profile missing adult and child cases go unsolved by both local law enforcement and the press.

The main cause of this loss of interest in thorough investigative reporting is likely due to the take over of local media outlets by mega corporations.

There is little profit in true crime news.

The news departments of many local media outlets are the least funded departments in the media and true crime funding is at the bottom of the list.

Mainstream outlets spend most of their money on broadcasting network programming and syndicated game and talk shows.

PRESSOne of the biggest missing child cases was solved, not by the police, and certainly not by the press.

The case was solved by a determined meter reader.

PRESS2The lackluster reporting by the local media is likely here to stay as the priorities of the media news departments focus on the antics of movie stars and pregnant royals in a foreign country rather than the plight of missing and exploited children right in our own back yard.

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