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In another series of twitter rants, Levi H Page once again made a threat against me.


This time the threat was that if I were to seek donations, much the same way as one of his followers is doing, he would write more “truths” about me. We have yet another hypocrite. Either that or he has just stated that he cannot stand Michelle L McKee who is aiding someone seeking donations.


He would also state that he cannot stand Alexandra H Goddard who is aiding in this donation drive by retweeting the posts by Michelle L McKee where she is seeking DONATIONS for @Cassandrarules.



“. I now have to come up with $2300 to get it, plus pay rent,” There is also this: “I did add a donation link if anyone wants to help out”

Of course that would also mean that he cannot stand Cassandra because it is she who is seeking the donations in order to get money to pay the movers. I wonder if Levi will write any “truths” about Michelle, Alexandra or Cassandra.

Somehow I doubt it.

I will be standing by to see how Levi H Page wiggles out of this one.

Stay Tuned


4CHANanonmaskWhile driving around town today, I happened to enter a business that had a local talk show station tuned in. The talk show hosts were talking about a news story that caught my attention. It seems there is an Elementary School teacher who found he had hundreds of extremely violent pornographic videos and images downloaded on his lap top. Somehow the school superintendent found out about the incident and the teacher was fired.


After a protracted battle after the teacher hired a lawyer and took the case to court, it was recommended by the court that the teacher be rehired.

What the story is here is that the teacher claims that his computer was hacked and that a virus caused this material to be downloaded. It was this mention by the talk show hosts that caught my attention. I was drawn back to the fall of 2008 when Mike Deforest of WKMG tv Orlando did a story about my streaming the search for Caylee live while at Blanchard Park in Orlando. After Mike was done with the interview, he told me he would let me know when the segment would air.

A few hours later, Mike DeForest called me and informed me that my website was full of links to violent porn videos and images. There were hundreds of them. I also began to get reports from different people of the same thing. I immediately contacted my domain host and had the site shut down. I have been in contact with various parties of interest regarding the situation with the teacher and it seems the vary same people who attacked me are attacking him.

I am now working to provide the lawyer for the teacher with all the details of what has happened to me and who I feel is behind the actions against the teacher. I will be giving him the various links to the website where these individuals hang out and the various means they use to troll their victims and distribute the videos and other materials the teacher claims to have received.

I hope to help the teacher seek the justice he deserves even though it is too late for me.

I hope that some day, at least some of the people who destroyed his life will be held accountable even though it is too late for me.

Stay Tuned




If anyone ever needed proof of the hate and bigotry of those who have been attacking me since 2006, this Christmas eve is a prime example of just the kind of people these are.


About an hour before the writing of this blog, I was sent a number of tweets from a member of the cyber terrorist group Anonymous. The tweets contained the same usual childish accusations thrown at me for years. In addition, the twitter posts contained homophobic and bigoted slurs.

Since I an neither black nor gay, I can only conclude that this language was being thrown at me by those who have issues with people of color as well as those who are gay.

A set of PM’s that a certain few accuse me of being a participant of contains this language, That language is by the unidentified person on the other side of the alleged conversation. It seems that this would be clear cut proof that this is also a member of the KKK faction of Anonymous.

Is there a KKK faction of Anonymous? Yes, there most certainly is. Contrary to what most people believe about Anonymous, there is no set political belief. There is no set of beliefs period. Anonymous is a concept rather than an organized group. A member of Anonymous can be one individual or can be made up of a group of two or more.

In this case, the Anonymous after me is anti-gay, anti-black and anti-jewish. All one needs to do is go through the twitter logs of those Anonymous that have attacked me on Twitter and elsewhere. The hate speech is there for all to see.

One prominent fan of Anonymous who is connected to the Steubenville rape case story even has a picture of herself in a Nazi uniform which might indicate her agreement with those who are the Nazi factions of Anonymous. This particular blogger is a German National who is NOT an American citizen,

I would suggest those who might come across blogs and internet postings against me, may want to consider the kind of language that is being used against me on the internet. Those who use this kind of language are also capable of a high degree of extreme actions in order to push their agenda. These extreme actions would also include the creation of counterfeit content that they would subsequently attribute to me.

On top of this, engaging in this sort of behavior on Christmas eve, presents yet another clue as to the lack of morals and character of my attackers.

Stay tuned


In what has to be the ultimate dumb blonde moment, A woman by the name of Justine Sacco got herself fired over 54 characters she posted on twitter.


Sacco, who was a pr executive found herself out on the street after the infamous tweet sparked outrage throughout the world.

InterActive Corp issued a statement  Saturday distancing itself from the tweet and saying the employee was fired.

“There is no excuse for the hateful statements that have been made and we condemn them unequivocally,” the InterActive Corp statement said.

Interactive Corp is an interesting company. Just about all of us have been to one of their websites without even knowing it.


This little boo boo on the part of this dumb blonde brings home a new reality. What one does on social media will come to the attention of your employer or your clients. What one does on social media will come to the attention of FUTURE employers and clients for those seeking to obtain employment or start a new business. Those who engage in cyber abuse and create abusive social media websites may well find themselves ending their careers before they begin.


As Sacco type incidents become more common, prospective employers are going to take a closer look at the social media actions of applicants. If it turns out the employer does not like what the see, the application may find itself in the trash can or subject to the delete command.  The applicant may never know why they did not even get called for an interview as employers have no obligation to inform one that they are not being hired or even considered.

Therefore it is a word to the wise out there, clean up your act before it is too late. For those whom it is too late, you are a product of your own creation. Karma sucks.

Calling someone a troll might be calling oneself unemployed.

Stay tuned


NANONThe one common thread of Anonymous and trolls that seem to be targeting me lately is their bigotry and the use of hate speech. In this case it is a twitter account of someone who claims to be a young divorcee. This female complains that she is only getting 5000 a month in spousal support, even though she has no children. She drives a corvette (complaining it is a used one) because her Bentley got repossed, the latter a car that costs more than most houses, even used. On top of all of this, this so called woman is anti-gay as illustrated by this twitter post .


Several of the Anonymous group use bigoted language on an every day basis. The N word seems to be a favorite with the F word in reference to Gays seems to be a close second. Other bigoted language seems to prevail among the immature trolls who  make up the majority of those who adopt the Anonymous mantra.


anonymous Also an ever growing number of drunken frustrated females who have personal issues are also flocking to the Anonymous movement. It is these individuals, the broken members of society that have made it their mission to stalk and harass me, not for any noble cause, but for the lulz.

This group abuses the power at their disposal and misuse it to torment the innocent.

On December, 31st, on what would have been my deceased wife’s 61st birthday, you and I will find out just how evil Anonymous can be.

Stay tuned


dmcaQuite a while back, I wrote on my other blog about a threatening post that had been made against a well known blogger. Soon after I published the article, the blog was hit with a DMCA complaint by the person who claimed to have the rights to it. This was an improper complaint since the person who owned the rights to the e mail in question was the person who received it. I had taken the image of the e mail off the twitter account of the blogger who had been the target of the threat. The net result was that the blog was down while WordPress and I worked to resolve this fraud.

wordpressIn the process of dealing with the complaint, the person whose name appeared on the complaint denied she made it and put the blame solely on the other person. This was in spite WordPress supplying detailed information as to whom they said filed the complaint along with the ip information of the complainer.

Eventually the fraud was verified by WordPress and the blog restored. Over the past day or two, a renewed argument broke out between the same two individuals. I happened to be going through the twitter logs of one of them and lo and behold, I saw where at least a dozen images on that twitter account removed as a result of a DMCA complaint. Care to guess what it was that was the target of the DMCA complaint?



The blogger who had received the alleged threatening e mail. She had posted creen shots of statements and on line actions of the person who had made the DMCA complaint about my blog. As a result of false DMCA  incident, I had broken off any contact with this individual. We mutually agreed to not contact each other. canadaflagHowever, there seems to be some rather odd sock accounts being created on Twitter that winds up either tweeting to  me or following me. The reason for these accounts? To attack the same Ohio woman who was the owner of the e mail that caused the DMCA complaint in the first place.

Actions speak louder than words.

Stay Tuned


LEVICNNcnnSay what? In a series of twitter rants where Levi H Page again is spamming me, he declares that he is going to have me Baker Acted. For those who do not know what this is, it is an involuntary commitment to a mental health facility usually for a 72 hour period.


Now the problem with Levi H Page’s threat is that it is not an easy process to get this done. The level of proof necessary is quite high. Writing a blog is not a criteria for getting one imprisoned in a mental facility for 72 hours.

The Florida Baker act is also rife with abuse. This blog article is one of many that address abuses and problems with this statute: “Then there are reports of individuals being confined due to others trying to punish them or use confinement as a means of political control”

Legal Information

“For those who are committing a person under The Baker Act, paperwork is essential to ensure the validity of the claim as well as the person signing off on the paperwork.”


” In total it is a twelve page document filled with questions regarding incidents that have led up to the commitment of the individual as well as questions about the facility they will be attending and if they qualify for commitment.”

“Anyone making false statements or providing false criteria for commitment recommendations may be subject to civil and criminal liability.”

Since Levi H Page is closely affiliated with a prominent Florida attorney who was closely connected to the Haleigh Cummings case, does this mean that he is threatening to have her petition for the state  to apply the baker act against me for the sin of criticizing Levi H Page? Is this how we defend free speech? Amazing.

I would certainly like to have Levi H Page try to burden the Florida taxpayers with this unnecessary stunt. The ramifications for abusing this act is quite serious. At least Levi would get three squares and a cot as well as a long term Florida vacation.

Stay Tuned




LEVICNNcnnI find it astonishing to say the least that an American citizen who has been closely associated with the press would so openly and willingly brag about running people off of the internet and thus deny those he has run off their freedom of speech. Heated debate and dissent has always been a hallmark of this country. The first amendment is supposed to assure ALL of us that we have the right to freely express our opinions. The Bill of Rights also gives ALL of us the right to attain any goal we set forth without fear of reprisal.


It would seem that Levi H Page skipped his civics and American history classes when he made the pledge to run this author off the internet and also is bragging to have done the same to others. Levi H Page and others like him do not like certain things that people say or do on the internet. Levi and others have appointed themselves the Arbitors or internet police with the sole power to determine who can or cannot participate in the opportunities afforded on the internet.

They copy the tactics of Soviet Russia, China, North Korea, etc in their efforts to censor internet content. The primary way they do this is through smear blogs as well as various methods of intimidation in order to force their targets to leave the internet to prevent further stalking by Levi H Page and the other deviant bloggers who engage in this type of censorship.

I cannot understand why someone would be proud to go against what made this country unique throughout the world. I cannot understand why these people would go against the vary values our service personnel put their lives on the line to defend each and every day, to “To defend and protect the constitution of The United States of America.”

Levi H Page and his ilk are destroying these values without the use of a gun.

Stay Tuned

rnbprofileWhen I wrote the article regarding the dispute surrounding the Facebook page where a suicide due to bullying was mocked by several parties involved, I made certain to include the relevant links so that the readers could go to the site in question and read for themselves what the events were and how they transpired.

For some strange reason Radio, yet again, drew my name into its rants even though I have ignored its blog for quite some time.

In a blog entry Radio delved into the announcement that one of the founders of the Facebook page had committed suicide due to bullying


I sadly assume Brianne has departed…
Such a tragedy. So young. So talented. So beautiful. So successful.  RIP!

****LAST MINUTE UPDATE – I’ve been informed it may be someone else who off’d themselves on a Facebook page, but I’m still going with Brianne, as we can all hope!

Now for some strange reason Radio decided to make a joke out of what is a serious situation. Suicide is nothing to joke about. Radio also hints that it wishes that the person behind the username is Brianne, in essence wishing her DEAD. For a blogger to express something like this, even in jest is a disgrace.

The subject of cyberbullying and those who commit suicide due to being victimized is no joke.

If it turns out that the suicide is a hoax, it is equally a disgrace but does not excuse those who make a joke out of this ever increasing problem.

Stay Tuned


Just as I had expected, Levi H Page posted completely false information about me in a hate filled rant on his blog. In the blog he claims to have spoken to three law enforcement “sources.” He claims that he is doing so in order to protect the officers in question from having me contact their superiors”


“I’ve talked with 3 detectives, in 3 difference law enforcement agencies in Florida, who have described Murt as a “menace”, who tried to insert himself into the cases they investigated purely for the attention. They did not want to be identified because they did not want Murt calling them or their place of employment as he is often known to do.”

This is an old tactic that unethical journalists use in order to protect themselves from being called out on their lies. Levi H Page did NOT talk to ANY detective, period. There are Florida laws governing what law enforcement officials can and cannot say to reporters regarding private citizens. I am certain that

and other members of the press can enlighten Levi H Page on the laws and rules of ethics that deal with reporters citing confidential sources that are in law enforcement.

Levi H Page also posted the comment below regarding an alleged claim I had been to these parties.


I made no such claim in the post that was mentioned. No link to where the poster got this information was never cited. After several comments by me regarding this claim, the owner of the blog where this comment appeared never removed this comment nor did she ever make any comment regarding my challenging the claims made within this post. It can also be pointed out in this 2007 post that Chambord has never been identified. It is a sock puppet name and thus the person behind the comment can never be held liable for the comment. Levi H Page and the others who have used this comment are free to use this comment without having to go through the inconvenience of proving the claim as fact.

This hate filled blog by Levi H Page comes on the heels of him being involved in a dispute regarding the administrator of a Facebook page set up to follow the fight of a 2 year old infant fighting cancer. His comments regarding that facebook page have forced the administrators to shut it down rather than put the family of the infant through unnecessary pain and anguish.


For some reason, rather than presenting a “professional” expose of me, Levi H Page engages in childish name calling in his blog. The article is nothing more than an immature amateur blogger going on a kindergarten rant against someone he has never met.

The title of his article says it all:


In his rant against me Levi H Page also cites a photo that shows some trash in my front yard. Now why Levi felt it necessary to include this photo is beyond me, but apparently he did not bother to call the photographer, a local real estate agent and find out that the photo was taken while I was cleaning out the house and MOVING since the house was for sale. Levi would have found out that the photo was published in error and that a subsequent photo was taken after the trash had been removed .

Another misrepresentation of the facts made by Levi H Page had to do with the Billboard issue. I had offered to provide billboard space at a business I used to own in Ocala Florida. I had also arranged with a banner making company to make a banner to put on the billboard space. If anyone wanted to help pay for the banner, I had arranged with the printer to have donations sent to THEM and NOT TO ME. Levi H Page failed to leave out that information along with the fact that trolls also lobbied against the placing of the billboard.

I decided to drop the billboard idea after Kidfinders came to Leesburg with a mobile billboard that was more effective and a better format than my stand alone billboard. Again, Levi H Page omitted this well known fact.

Levi H Page also makes mention of a photo I took of the apartment where Trenton Duckett went missing from. It is unfortunate that Levi Mocked what was meant to be a reference to a playground Trenton probably played in before he went missing. What Levi H Page also failed to report is that I was but one of many that visited the area. One striking instance is were a Leesburg resident and her friend, a Clermont resident actually peered into the bedroom window of Melinda Duckett’s apartment that was Trenton Duckett’s bedroom.

One of the women photographed the other peering through the window. The woman in the photograph was so ashamed of herself that she demanded her face be blacked out since the photographer refused to discontinue publishing the photo.

I never repeated their actions nor did I seek entry into the apartment as did CNN and other mainstream media sources.

To be certain I did make mistakes in some of my actions regarding that case. I have taken responsibility for my actions, unlike others who made even more severe mistakes regarding their actions in high profile cases . The vindictive tone that Levi H Page has taken in writing his defamatory blog is a clear indication of his lack of journalistic integrity and lack of ethics when it comes to what he places in his blog and on his other internet social media sites.

I now sit back and wait for part two of the disgraceful blog smear of me by Levi H Page.

Stay tuned