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It seems that conspiracy theorist and pizza delivery driver Timothy Charles Holmseth has become the latest member of the Casey Anthony support group by declaring a recording made in 2009 may prove that Casey did not kill her daughter Caylee or at the least did not cause her death.

Tim negelected to point out in his article that to the horror of millions throughout the United States and elsewhere, Casey Anthony was acquitted of all charges and deemed Not Guilty in one of the most watched jury trials in US history. 

Holmseth also declared that the kidnapping of Haleigh Cummings may have been staged and once again turning his back on those who wanted justice for Haleigh.

What is important about this turn of events is that Timothy Holmseth is now on the same side of the Casey Anthony  innocence theory of those he claims are trying to get him shut down and in the process is turning his back on many of those who had supported him.

There were a number of bloggers and a young HLN guest from social media who supported to a degree the jury decision in the Anthony trial who attacked Tim Holmseth for his stance on the Anthony case at that time.

I had predicted in a meeting I had in Michigan some time back that Tim Holmseth would turn his back on the Caylee Warriors (later changed to Angels) in order to garner support for his causes and his efforts to make money off of the back of Caylee.

This latest article has proven me correct. Tim is now turning his back on the boycott group and has at least directed a minimal amount of support towards Casey in her efforts to prove her innocence and perhaps reap financial benefits from her loss of Caylee.

I was strongly criticized by those who are still seeking justice for Caylee for their belief that I had gone over to the side of the haters as they called them and many have turned their back on me for doing so.

Now, it seems that Timothy Charles Holmseth has turned his back on them as well.

Stay tuned


The biggest news lately is the accusation that Alabama Gop candidate Roy Moore had sexual relations with a 14 year old. This story has caused a heated debate all over the internet.

That is, oddly enough, with one exception. Not one word has come out of the blogger who for years had fought against something he labels #pedogate.

Timothy C Holmseth has, since 2009 blogged about his shadow government theory that a great number of those who hold public office are pedophiles who go around kidnapping children for use in human trafficking, pornography and other illegal practices.

I would have thought that Holmseth would have grabbed ahold of this latest revelation like a junk yard dog going after a trespasser.

I guess what is stopping him from doing so is the fact that Roy Moore is a conservative republican.

It looks like Holmseth’s problem with pedophiles depends largely upon party affiliation and the location of the pedophilia.

Holmseth did accuse a republican Governor and State Attorney of having ties to this kind of conduct but that was only because they were in Florida. The only time Holmseth has attacked anyone outside of Florida or Minnesota that I am aware of are either in Minnesota or North Dakota. 

Since Holmseth appears to be a supporter of Trump and others who are conservatives, this might explain why they are exempt from his accusations stemming from his #pedogate “investigations.”

Stay Tuned


I wrote this comment a short while before this submission in an effort to steer the debate on Tim Holmseth’s blog towards a common sense understanding of what he has written about and the nature of his allagation against scores of people in varying walks of life.

The thread of the comment section of the article he had written had little to do with the topic but, rather, was a discussion about the alleged personal conduct of a few people who took part in efforts to determine the fate of a still missing child.

I repeat my comment here because it is my understanding that not all comments are making it onto his blog. I know of at least one person who has made a comment there and it was never published.

Here is what I wrote:

    • “The problem with Holmseth’s writing is that he goes beyond accusations of social conduct. He accuses her and others of horrific crimes without a shred of proof. He has also gone so far as to name at least one Governor of a state and at least one State attorney of violating their oaths of office in the most disgusting manner possible. He has also accused scores of law enforcement of these same horrific crimes again with no concrete proof to back these accusations up.

      He then publishes these manifestos where he claims to have secret recordings and documents as well as statements of others regarding these accusations. He has yet to provide this proof citing the excuse that he would be arrested if he were to divulge this so-called evidence.

      Common sense would have to have an unbiased person ask why on earth the evidence that would solve scores of child abductions and murders as well as stopping such things as human trafficking, satanic ritual abuses, and pornography, as well as pedophile rings, would result in the arrest of the person who would be considered a hero for doing so lead him to being arrested because he divulged this information.

      IF Holmseth was to present this evidence to law enforcement and to the public in an uncensored and unredacted manner, he may well receive the thanks of scores of people who have been the victims of such alleged conduct or even more so receive the undying gratitude of the family and loved ones of the alleged victims of such horrific criminal acts.

      He would be a hero.

      If it turns out that Holmseth did NOT have the proof he so declares and this truth is born out at some future date, he may well be scorned as the sick and evil individual who victimized not only those he has so wrongly accused but as someone who with his twisted and evil writings victimized the loved ones of those who have either been murdered or remain missing.

      Rather than fight about the alleged social misconduct of a certain few individuals, it is those facts that need to be considered above all else.


      I stand by these words. What needs to be examined is the FACTS of each and every case Holmseth discusses from other sources besides his blog or any blog for that matter. There are outside sources of information that can be checked. Official records, court records and so forth.
      The problem at present is that the true crime social media is rife with abuses. People engage in horrific acts of false news, false information, and false accusations.
      They do so with the knowledge that there is rarely any accounting for their actions. They cannot be sued because they are not worth suing. Most of these abuses are of modest means often living off the taxpayers in the city or state where they reside as well as federal taxes that pay for programs directed to the poor.
    • They hide behind the first amendment knowing full well that slander, libel and defamation of character is not part of it.
    • They have the freedom to lie and they exercise that freedom quite efficently.
    • If there is a solution to the problem of these individuals wantonly destroying lives, I have not found it.
    • I doubt a solution will ever be found.
    • Stay tuned
    • MURT

It has become the custom of late for conspiacy theorists, armchair detectives, pundents, and critics of one group or another to rush to judgement when an event like the shooting in South Texas takes place. The blame is always put at the feet of a political party, a group advocating a cause or a religious group or race. 

The true cause lies not in any radicalization by a group but, instead of the people around those who engage in these actions not seeing or not wanting to see an impending disaster due to a single or series of events surrounding the individual who partakes such actions. 

All too frequently, signs of trouble go unnoticed prior to an action only to be tragicly clear in hindsight. All too often it would have been an early intervention that could have prevented such extreme tragedies.

Such was the case with Davin Patrick Kelly. It is all to easy to blame radicalization as the cause of his actions when the actual cause may be elsewhere. The root cause of his action Sunday may be mearly the accumulation of significant events that compiled into an increasing amount of pressure and stress upon a person incapable of dealing whith what life has thrown at him.  He may have simply snapped. This is not an excuse but is a cause of action.

Do not mistake this as a way to excuse what he and others have done but rather, an embarking on a path to understanding the early signs of trouble so that early interventions into the lives of other troubled invididuals may prevent such disasterous actions in the future.

Remember the expression that Homeland Security and law enforcement agencies repeat time and again when trying to get us to be aware of these kinds of situations ” if you see something, say something. If you see something do something.” 

This advice applies to seeing the early signs of trouble and stepping in to prevent matters becoming worse. If you see someone around you acting increasingly erratic, do what you can to alleviate the situation. If you are unable to do this on your own, seek assistance from whomever would be capable of rendering the kind of aid and resources that may be necessary.

Do not stand aside and do nothing. If you do not take the appropriate actions when you are able to and the situation reaches the point of no return. There may become a day when something drastic and horrible happens and then you may be filled with the guilt of knowing that you could have done something but instead, decided to sit by and do nothing.

Stay Tuned



There is yet another legal action under study by someone other than Thomas Olsen. This pending action may spell a fate worse for Mr Holmseth other than having to redact names from his media empire.

Under the Olsen action, the worst that might happen to Holmseth is that he would be permanantly under an order to pay whatever judgement is granted the court or jury should Mr Olsen prevail.

If Holmseth were to come into a large cash infusion or valuable assets, they would be subject to seizure to go towards payment of the judgement.

The new legal action being studied, however, would spell the end of the Holmseth media empire entirely.

If and when this new lawsuit goes forward, I will publish as many details as I am able to.

In the meantime

Stay Tuned


During my last webcast the subject of Diana Napolis came up. I was reminded that Diana Napolis was involved in actions quite similar to Timothy Holmseth and her fate was much the same that Tim Holmseth faces when the complaints against him are resolved.

Both Tim Holmseth and Diana Napolis have concentrated on the debunked subject of Satanic Ritual Abuse. This nonsense was debated on the internet extensively for decades until the accusations made by those advocating this conspiracy were debunked.

With Timothy Charles Holmseth, however, this screwball subject is enjoying something of a revival. Holmseth is also engaging in a practice that mirrors Ms. Napolis. He is accusing people both famous and not of being involved in this activity as well as in other illegal actions involving children. 

Diana Napolis used to go by the username of Curio and would terrorize and threaten her victims until she was caught in a sting by a woman known as Shadowraiths who also ran a forum named Usleuths.

Ms Napolis was ordered to surrender all of her weapons and sentenced to 5 years probation. She was also permanantly banned from accessing the internet. This is one of the earliest known cases where someone was convicted of stalking over the internet and being banned from it as well.

Because of actions of certain individuals California had adopted what is considered the strongest laws against stalking and cyber stalking in the country. Ms Napolis was one of the first cases of Cyber Stalking under that law.

It would appear that at some point Tim Holmseth will be yet another individual convicted under the same criminal statutes enacted in Florida and other stantes and meet the same fate as Napolis.

One can only hope and wait.

Stay tuned


On Thursday, November 2nd, 2017 Thomas Norman Olsen, a resident of Northwest Florida filed a complaint and motion for relief against Timothy Charles Holmseth of East Grand Forks Minnesota.

In the complaint Mr. Olsen alleges That Timothy Charles Holmseth has engaged in an ongoing smear campaign against him and a number of other parties over the past several years. holmsethfederalcomplaint


Mr. Olsen went into detail alleging that Tim Holmseth has named the Governor of the State of Florida Rick Scott and Florida State Attorney Pam Bondi as “part of an underground shadow government group.”

Mr. Olsen went on to point out that Tim Holmseth has been the subject of a series of court actions seeking injunctive relief by those alleging to be his victims. Mr. Olsen also accuses Mr. Holmseth of “showing a complete disregard and disrespect towards the court and its laws.”

 Mr Olsen is seeking a jury trial to hear his complaint and review evidence he may bring before the court. In the complaint Mr. Olsen is also seeking $200,000 in damages along  with a demand that Mr. Holmseth delete all references to him by name or implication from all of the social media accounts he operates. 

I will be reaching out for comment from Mr. Olsen regarding this lawsuit and will be going over the lawsuit in detail in future blog postings.

Stay Tuned


I, for the life of me do not understand people any more. I have tried hard for the past few years to right wrongs and persuade people that certain causes are more important than our personal differences between each other.

It seems, however, that it is human nature to fight for bits of power no matter what that entails. In this case the quest for power has to do with the hastag #pedogate.

Tim Holmseth wants to be the king of #pedogate. He wants to be the hero. He wants to be the one who solves the Haleigh kidnapping as well as all other related crimes.

He has managed to build around himself a small and driven group of supporters who believe every word he says and excuses every action he partakes in.

This is something I have had experiences with before. I fought long and hard the last time and I fought long and hard this time.

This time is different. I am almost a decade older and am worn out. I once again am fighting this fight alone as others have run away and are not willing to join in this fight.

Well, as of now, I am done. I give up. I quit. You are all on your own.

Tim can make all of the acusations he pleases. He is bringing up old fights that I have fought instigated by those who are now fighting against him.

You all know who you are. I understand your not wanting to get involved yet again. We have been at each other for years and I certainly do not go down that road again.

I had thought I could finally accomplish something but now realize it is a futile effort.

I therefore end the quest for the truth and move on to other goals.

I will no longer mention Timothy Charles Holmseth nor will I ever get involved in anything even remotely to #pedogate.

Tim and others can do with this subject as they wish.

I am done


It was recently pointed out to me that both of Tim Holmseths blogs earliest entries are in April of 2013. For some odd reason any entries made prior to that date have so far not been found.

It is widely known that Tim Holmseth had barged into the Cummings case within days of the 2009 kidnapping so I would be curious to know where all the records are of his involvement.

I can already guess what he has to say as to what happened prior to that date.

But, I am going to sit back and see how things play out. With Tim, you never know.

Stay tuned


I just finished listening to what has to be the most convoluted, disorganized and funniest recording of a police report I have ever heard and I have heard some doozies. Now, like I said in my webcast, Tim Holmseth made some really stupid mistakes that totally ruined any chance of finding out who actually knifed the tire.

Since it is likely Tim himself who knifed the tire, there is no crime to be solved to begin with.

Let me go over this point by point.

Tim gets up in the morning and discovers he has a flat tire.

He manages to drive the car with the flat a short distance to get air in it. The air is escaping real fast but he manages to get it to a second place where he is able to get someone to look at it.

The tire repair guy tells Tim that his tire has been slashed. 

Tim takes a photo of the tire and leaves the repair shop. He does NOT take the knifed tire with him.

He then waits until 24 hours later to go to the police station to file his report.

So here is the problem with his little story.

As I explained before, a tire is nothing but a container that holds compressed air. When stabbed with a knife, it is going to make a lot of noise. Next whoever did this chose the INSIDE sidewall of the tire, facing the wheel well rather than the outside wheel well which is real easy to get at.

The person slashes ONE tire and not the rest of them.

The person leaves a note on the car. What is odd here is the part where Tim claims there was a note on the car is no longer on his article. I wonder why.

For some strange reason, Tim does not have a spare so he drives the car to not one but two different places in order to get it repaired. We call this in the business a “run flat” tire. This always ruins the tire to the point where it cannot be repaired and there will be obvious damage to the tire, NONE of which shows up in his photo of it. 

Now, right there and then, He should have called the cops to come and look at the tire. Instead he leaves, goes home, writes the blog and then waits until THE NEXT DAY to report the crime. 

He also does not keep the tire. He leaves it at the repair shop. By now it is likely gone since it is no use to the shop and it is unlikely that Tim asked the shop to keep the tire. 

Now this is where Tim really messes things up. Instead of sticking to the subject of reporting the incident, he goes into a long monologue as to how he is this big time true crime reporter who is a federal witness in a Florida Kidnapping (not true) and has all of this secret information he cannot release because of this that and the other thing.

In short, he comes out presenting himself as the village idiot.

Now, if the cops take the time to examine the photo, they are going to see clearly that the crime is staged. This would then make Tim subject to arrest of filing a false police report.

Now to the final and most important point. If you do a keyword search for the East Grand Forks Police department on Tim’s blog, you will find that Tim does not have a lot of good things to say about that department. He has made a lot of accusations against them.

Now why do you think that The East Grand Forks Police Department would be interested in finding out who slashed his tire? They would probably send the guy a thank you note instead.

East Grand Forks is a rather small town. The police department is small. It turns out that Tim Holmseth is well known by officers there and he is on their shit list.

Tim has accused law enforcement of attempting to plant drugs to get him put in jail. That probably does not sit well with the cops in that area so reporting the tire slashing was probably not the best choice for Tim to make.

In the end, the gullible morons who read his nonsense will probably send him enough to pay for his tire.

If anything Tim provides a lot of amusement. Perhaps someday I will get to cover his trial.

One can always hope.

Stay tuned