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I just finished listening to what has to be the most convoluted, disorganized and funniest recording of a police report I have ever heard and I have heard some doozies. Now, like I said in my webcast, Tim Holmseth made some really stupid mistakes that totally ruined any chance of finding out who actually knifed the tire.

Since it is likely Tim himself who knifed the tire, there is no crime to be solved to begin with.

Let me go over this point by point.

Tim gets up in the morning and discovers he has a flat tire.

He manages to drive the car with the flat a short distance to get air in it. The air is escaping real fast but he manages to get it to a second place where he is able to get someone to look at it.

The tire repair guy tells Tim that his tire has been slashed. 

Tim takes a photo of the tire and leaves the repair shop. He does NOT take the knifed tire with him.

He then waits until 24 hours later to go to the police station to file his report.

So here is the problem with his little story.

As I explained before, a tire is nothing but a container that holds compressed air. When stabbed with a knife, it is going to make a lot of noise. Next whoever did this chose the INSIDE sidewall of the tire, facing the wheel well rather than the outside wheel well which is real easy to get at.

The person slashes ONE tire and not the rest of them.

The person leaves a note on the car. What is odd here is the part where Tim claims there was a note on the car is no longer on his article. I wonder why.

For some strange reason, Tim does not have a spare so he drives the car to not one but two different places in order to get it repaired. We call this in the business a “run flat” tire. This always ruins the tire to the point where it cannot be repaired and there will be obvious damage to the tire, NONE of which shows up in his photo of it. 

Now, right there and then, He should have called the cops to come and look at the tire. Instead he leaves, goes home, writes the blog and then waits until THE NEXT DAY to report the crime. 

He also does not keep the tire. He leaves it at the repair shop. By now it is likely gone since it is no use to the shop and it is unlikely that Tim asked the shop to keep the tire. 

Now this is where Tim really messes things up. Instead of sticking to the subject of reporting the incident, he goes into a long monologue as to how he is this big time true crime reporter who is a federal witness in a Florida Kidnapping (not true) and has all of this secret information he cannot release because of this that and the other thing.

In short, he comes out presenting himself as the village idiot.

Now, if the cops take the time to examine the photo, they are going to see clearly that the crime is staged. This would then make Tim subject to arrest of filing a false police report.

Now to the final and most important point. If you do a keyword search for the East Grand Forks Police department on Tim’s blog, you will find that Tim does not have a lot of good things to say about that department. He has made a lot of accusations against them.

Now why do you think that The East Grand Forks Police Department would be interested in finding out who slashed his tire? They would probably send the guy a thank you note instead.

East Grand Forks is a rather small town. The police department is small. It turns out that Tim Holmseth is well known by officers there and he is on their shit list.

Tim has accused law enforcement of attempting to plant drugs to get him put in jail. That probably does not sit well with the cops in that area so reporting the tire slashing was probably not the best choice for Tim to make.

In the end, the gullible morons who read his nonsense will probably send him enough to pay for his tire.

If anything Tim provides a lot of amusement. Perhaps someday I will get to cover his trial.

One can always hope.

Stay tuned




Tim Holmseth is apparently trying to pull a fast one with his readers by claiming that someone knifed a tire on his car. He put up a photo of the tire with the location of the stabbings marked with a grease pen.

Anyone who knows anything about cars would spot the problem with his claim immediately. The alleged knifing of the tire must have been done by a midget who is also a cortionist. The reason this had to be is that the deed was done on a part of the tire that faces the engine of the car and not from the outside of the car which is where these things are normally done.

Take a real close look at the photo. His tire is mounted on what is known as a deep dish rim. What this means is that the rim looks like a bowl turned on it’s side. The flat side of the rim faces the outside and the concave or bowl part faces the inside of the wheel well. The reason for the shape is that the rim has to clear the brakes and brake lines mounted on the brake drum or brake disk.

This kind of rim cannot be mounted backwards because it would jam up against the brake caliper and would not be able to move. Also, it would be a dangerous thing to do as it would misalign the track of the car and would be nearly impossible to control.

Another problem here is that there are 5 locations where the knifing was alleged to have occured. A tire is nothing more than a container holding compressed air. The amount of pressure is at least 28 pounds per square inch and as much as 40 pounds per square inch depending on how much air is put into the tire.

28 pounds per square inch is a lot of pressure being exerted on a relitively thin piece of synthetic rubber. If you poke the tire with a knife the air will release so fast it will sound like a bomb going off. The tire will also go flat rather quickly.

This brings up another problem with this claim. When fully inflated, the sidewall of the tire is quite rigid. Knifing it to let the air out would not be difficault, if done from the outside, that is. The problem is that after the first stabbing, the tire would no longer be rigid as the air holding the sidewall rigid is excaping fast. The sidewall would begin to give way as the air rushes out thus requiring more force to penetrate the sidewall. 

By the 5th stabbing it would be nearly impossible to penetrate the sidewall.

I would suggest that some of you might want to simulate this incident. You do not have to ruin a tire in the process. Just get something to simulate a knife. A stick about 6 inches long should be sufficent. Now position yourself so that you can reach behind the tire of a Ford Focus or similar car and see what is necessary to stab the sidewall of the tire in 5 separate locations and then get up and get the heck out of there without being caught.

Next do the same simulation stabbing the OUTSIDE sidewall of the tire that would be facing you. The latter would be far easier and would allow you to both keep an eye on your surroundings as well as to be able to run away in the event someone sees what you are doing. 

By doing this little test, you would be proving that Tim Holmseth rather sloppily tried to stage a crime scene.

He has not filed a police report. I already checked on this one. It has been close to a full day since he wrote about this. He did not publish a photo of the note. Where was the note found, on the windshield under the wiper blade? It would have been the most logical place to put it.

He has yet to provide a police report. Why?

Where did the alleged crime take place? At his apartment? At Domino’s. At a local titty bar? No details provided.

Instead he posts a photo of a damaged tire followed again by his conspiracy theories and a request for money to pay for the replacement tire.

What is apparent here is that Tim is once again scamming people. He is committing a serious crime by doing so. He is soliciting funds by deceptive means by the use of an electronic device, in this case a computer.

“Elements of Wire Fraud

Wire fraud is very similar to regular fraud, except that it takes place over phone lines or involves electronic communications. The legal definition of wire fraud has four elements:

  • The defendant created or participated in a scheme to defraud another out of money;
  • The defendant did so with intent to defraud;
  • It was reasonably foreseeable that the defendant would use wire communications; and
  • The defendant did in fact use interstate wire communications.

For the purposes of wire fraud, “interstate wire communications” could mean telephone calls, electronic communication such as fax machines or the internet, or even television.”

His scam to seek donations is known as wire fraud.

The appropriate authorities will be notified.

Stay tuned


Over the years some of the biggest secrets have involved the smallest of towns. For various reasons fate will choose those places that few have heard of and even fewer have had cause to visit.

Sometimes it is having a history with a small town that one chooses a small town as a a place to hold these secrets. Perhaps it is the security of knowing the small town and the ability to blend in. While one would think that a large metropolitan city would be a more logical place, there are advantages to the choice of the many small towns that dot the United States.

One major reason is that nobody pays attention to these small towns. They are small dots on a map. They hold no history that would be of interest outside of the general location.

The internet is changing things, however, and choosing small towns in an attempt to keep a secret is no longer a viable option.

Stay Tuned


I checked into the account of the pizza delivery dude this morning to find that a person who operates the Astro account over on twitter claims she is not the woman who created the account in the first place.

This brings up an interesting point that I have been making for over a decade and a lot of people know this to be true. There is no way to know for certain who is behind a username on Twitter. A person may claim to own the accout but not be that person. There can also be more than one person who has log in access to the account.

Now for a little history regarding that account. Whoever Astro is created that account around 5 years ago. This was AFTER the woman that people assumed owned it contacted me shortly before that. She identified herself and we eventually talked over the phone. The phone number she gave me was run through a reverse 411 and it was varified to be her.

For the next several years she kept repeating her hatred for a number of people and made it clear that her mission was to identify who was behind the account, get Kim Pickazio thrown in jail and was also determined to make certain that Levi Page never worked in the broadcast industry. Other people were also attacked by the Astro account because they were friends and allies of Radio and of Levi and Kim.

The original Astro account also attacked anyone who called out Timothy Holmseth for the huge pile of lies he has told on his little media empire over the years.

Now, something strange happened a couple of years ago. Astro and I got into an ongoing battle because I strongly disagreed with her efforts to prevent Levi Page from getting a job in his chosen field. I was still in a fierce and intense disagreement with Levi over a number of issues  but I also felt that our disagreement did not rise to the level of trying to make certain he was not able to pursue his chosen field.

I got fed up with Astro constantly berating me because I would not assist her in this effort and finally told her that she would be better off letting go of her hatered and drop the subject altogether.

In return she literally blew up at me and we have not spoken in private since.

Something else also happened around this time. Astro closed her account and blocked everyone including me. No posts were made on the account and she suddenly began leaving little messages in  the profile section of her account.

“Someone” made sure I saw these messages because they would show up in my emails or in private messages on Twitter. Scores of sock accounts would be created for this purpose and for continuing to demand that I help make sure that Levi never get a job in the media industry and to get Kim Pickazio put in jail for her alleged participation in all of the nonsense that Tim was spewing on his tin hat media empire.

A little piece of information here. I also blocked Astro. The account remains blocked to this day. This brings up an interesting question. How is Astro able to read a blocked account and WHY is she reading a blocked account.

Astro on many occasions has complained on many occasions that she is being stalked simply because people are reading the portion of the account that is readable. Well, if she does not want people to read her account then do not tag their names in the profile section of the account that is visible to everyone.

Something else happened that might explain her changes in behavior for the past couple of years or so. The first thing that happened is that there was an announcement of sorts that that Astro account was “taken over” by another party or parties. Shortly after this happened the Astro account began to drift toward Radio to assist her with her fight against Levi Kim and others on her target list.

It was also around this time that a whole bunch of sock accounts appeared on Twitter that were playing me Kim, Levi, Holly, Lynda, Alex, Thomas and others against each other after we had all decided to leave each other alone and move on.

I once had several old friends in a private website on the internet who would talk to each other about the attacks against us and the Caylee warriors Facebook room.

Once I “went over to the other side” they abandoned me and I have not heard from them since. This is another criticism of Astro is making of me in spite of her going over to Radio and Michelle in an attempt to find allies to go after those mentioned above. She and the people in the group are angry that I am now friendly towards their sworn enemies.

The simple fact of the matter is that two things happened that caused everyone to set aside their differences and eventually become friends.

The first thing that happened is that Radio and Deric Lostutter were making comments that had no business being made. Highly personal medical information started to be posted on line and I made strong comments objecting to that being done.

The second thing that happened is that Deric Lostutter began inserting Michelle’s granddaughter into the battle making highly inapproprate remarks about her.

I made it abundantly clear that I do not condone certain actions to be done on the internet and this include those actions being directed towards my critics regardles of their alleged actions in the past.

It was not long after this incident that Radio was outed as being behind a lot of unsavory actions on the internet including being behind dozens of Twitter sock accounts that were playing all of us against each other.

Once this information came out along with conclusive proof of Radio’s actual identity, the sock accounts came to a screeching halt  and with that the infighting stopped as well.

Everything was fine until Tim started inserting more and more people into his conspiracy nonsense. He made serious and false accusations against me.

Anyone with common sense and a telephone could research his accusations and come across the proof that he is lying about just about everything he has posted on his website.

Getting back to the main subject of this article. The Astro account is clear cut proof that you cannot rely on the account belonging to a specific person. It could be an impersonator or a group of people sharing the account and pretending to be a single individual.

Even verified Twitter accounts could be set up by impersonators or multiple users. Twitter by no stretch is a secure or reliable service when it comes to assuring that the person behind a Twitter accunt is who they say they are.

Because of these facts, any post that Tim makes that includes internet content cannot be considered as evidence of anything. This includes audio and video files. ALL of these things can be faked. Proof of this  comes out on a daily basis. Photoshop and other utilities freely available are quite sophisticated and make these elaborate frauds posssible.

Remember that it is event the President of the United States that is declaring that the vast majority of what is out there is FAKE NEWS.

Fake news has been around long before Trump decided to run before president.

Stay Tuned




A self proclaimed investigative journalist who is in reality a pizza delivery driver for a Dominos pizza franchise in Grand Forks Minnesota. An order for bodily attachment which is Floridaspeak for a bench warrant has been issued against the pizza delivery driver for what amounts to contempt of court.

The reason for the order is because the pizza delivery driver has an obsession with a lawyer from Florida and has been accusing her of all sorts of crimes for almost a decade. The pizza delivery driver has never been able to prove his accusations but persists in making them anyway.

Rather than understanding the significance of the order, the pizza delivery driver seems to be making a mockery out of it and may actually be joking about it.

On his various social media websites the pizza delivery driver makes it clear that he does not understand how the Florida court system works.

In one post he makes comments questioning the legality of a handwritten form that detailed the order against him. He seems to think that because the order was not in print but rather was in longhand was either fake or not valid. I have learned by calling the court that this is a common practice and that the order issued to law enforcement is, in fact in print and on official forms designed for that specific purpose.

The pizza delivery driver also claims that because the order was issued in the same court division that hears custody cases and domestic violence cases that it was improper and that something shady must be going on with the parties involved in the case and the judge who presided over it.

Again the pizza delivery driver is wrong. It is a common practice for stalking cases be heard and ruled upon in this division of the Florida court system.

One final point regarding the case involving the pizza delivery driver and his claims regarding the anti stalking order against him. His book that he wrote about the cases he theorizes about is not banned. All he has to do is edit the book to comply with the order and he is then free to publish the novel as he sees fit. I call it a novel because everything in the original book is a work of fiction and in no ways relates to anything real or genuine.

It would appear at the moment that the pizza delivery driver can avoid arrest by simply staying out of the State of Florida which brings up a question.

If the only way the pizza delivery driver can be arrested or the order enforced is to avoid the state of Florida than why did the pizza delivery driver comply with the order in the first place?

The order was issued in August of this year and he has not been arrested. It would seem that he is not likely to be arrested any time soon which means the only thing that has been accomplished with the Florida order was to label him a wanted man and something for him to use to scam his subscribers out of more money.

Stay Tuned


I have been following with much amusement the propaganda being published on a small media empire run by a pizza delivery driver. I also am a bit concerned that these people believe this person has all the answers to solve crimes that have baffled law enforcement for over a decade.

The pizza driver claims he is so important that he is being threatened with arrest, that he has had his hard drive confiscated and then destroyed. He has claimed that he was fired from a position as a janitor due to his “investigations.”

The pizza delivery driver also claims that he has received threatening calls from the hacktivist group Anonymous and by unknown persons using voice changers and voice imitators.

Now one has to wonder how a pizza delivery deliver living in a small town in the middle of nowhere that he is the only person in the United States that holds all the ansers for solving the crimes he blogs about.

He claims to have a flash drive loaded with all sorts of information that would break things wide open yet he cannot release this information because he would be arrested if he did.

Apparently going into the witness protection program or releasing the material through a lawyer or a media outlet that could protect his identity is not the answer.

Of course the pizza delivery driver has also accused most of law enforcement along with at least one state attorney and governor as well as a former Secretary of State of being participants in these crimes which would mean that he stands no hope in hell of solving any of these crimes.

His only hope is to beg his followers for donations so that he can keep posting his propaganda for them to read.

There is no accounting for taste, I suppose.

Stay tuned


I am going to change what I write about on this blog. Some people are too dumb to see what is right in front of them so there is no point in continuing to try and educate them.

A bit constrained for time this morning so stay tuned. I will elaborate on future plans this evening when I get settled.

Stay tuned


Several months ago, I started getting private messages claiming that Susan Earman of Eastern Virginia was dead. Cause of death was not given although it was implied that she committed suicide.

It was not long after this disclosure that her Twitter account was renamed “Keeper of the Name” implying that someone had taken over the account on her behalf.

Strangely enough, the profile rants on her Twitter account that Susan is so famous for continued for quite some time until they suddenly stopped and was replaced with the now current posting of the telephone number of a suicide hotline. The name on the account also changed which was a pattern that Astro engaged in before the death hoax occurred.

It did not take long to expose this little hoax. All someone who lives near her place of business had to do was to walk into the place and see her alive and well and covered with pizza dough.

In spite of being exposed, however, Mrs Earman allowed the hoax to continue, that is until today.

Sadly, Mrs. Earman is back to her demented behaviour scolding me for coming after her cherished Timothy Holmseth because he continues to make false accusations against me and cannot stand the fact that I will not stand down.

Susan is demonstrating that she is the hypocrite. She knows full well that what Tim is claiming is false and that he is putting my safety at risk by continuing to do so.

Instead of correcting what she knows is false narratives she is not only sitting by while he engages in his defamation but she is even taking part in it.

She is placing herself in a bad legal situation by doing so. But that is Susan. She does not think before she acts and that will be her ultimate downfall.

Stay tuned



Tim Holmseth is yet again posting the same old lies about me proving his obsession with trying to intimidate me into stop forcing him to account for his actions.

In his latest tirade he once again questions how I could know the identity of the attorney that has served him with a court order prohibiting him from mentioning her name on the internet.

Besides the obvious fact that it was the attorney herself who informed me of this action and sent me the supporting documents, it was Tim Holmseth that provided the information through a third party and an article I recently found where he posted the exact same information with her full name not redacted or censored.

There is also this. Tim Holmseth has or had a woman from Virginia who went by the name of Astro__x. The woman contacted me several years ago because she felt that Tim was being stalked by the same attorney. Over the years Astro sent me detailed information about the attorney and several other people that were targets of Holmseth. She always used full names. Nothing was ommitted or otherwise redacted.

Also over the years I have been contacted by anonymous Twitter accounts and those people also sent me the documents that Holmseth was supposed to have removed from the internet. All of the documents contained the name of the lawyer as well as detailed information about the lawyer.

I have also been informed that Holmseth has extensive files on everyone he has targeted and that he passes these files around to those he considers supporters through private messages and emails as well as through the anonymous troll accounts acting as third parties.

It is therefore a false premise on his part to claim in his articles that there should be no reason for me to know the actual name of the attorney that he has had to redact her name from his defamatory articles.

Now it is time to sit back and see how he tries to wiggle out of this one.

Stay tuned


Tim Holmseth had recently written an article on his website accusing me of being a pedophile once again. The result started a long standing debate against me and an individual on Facebook by the name of Malik Jamal Selby.

This person has made a number of comments involving my family in a highly bigoted and demening manner. His latest threat on Facebook demonstrates how dangerous it is go go around making false accusations against someone on the internet.

Holmseth’s articles accusing me of being a pedophile and murdering children has put my safety at risk. First amendment or not, there has to be limits. 

To his credit, Holmseth made a statement denouncing this threat in the strongest terms and I commend him for it.

Tim’s denouncement, however did not deter Malik from his threatening behavior as shown here.

Malik Jamal Selby Bet your parents died knowing your pedophile ass was a bitch lol keep talking i already know where you live old man i dont mind wooping some grown man ass i make bitches like you dissappear for life keep talking lol your pedophile ass is all takk and wont do shit lol sound like a grown ass child

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Timothy Charles Holmseth Malik Jamal Selby Malik,

I do not condone, or in any other way support violence or threats of violence.

I make this statement in the strongest terms.

I believe in the First Amendment only within the confines of the law.

Timothy Charles Holmseth

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Malik Jamal Selby I handle my business my way you do it your way
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This conversation is a clear example of why Tim’s conduct is dangerous and is reaching a level where he is losing control. I now have to make yet another complaint to my local sheriff’s department as well as law enforcement where Malik resides in order to prevent his making good on his threat.
Stay Tuned