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As a reaction to my recent blog about defending him a year ago, Tim Holmseth, on his Facebook account asked me if I called law enforcement to report the incident. The answer is yes. If Holmseth had bothered to be the investigative journalist he claims to be he would have found this out.

What happened to me amounts to extortion which is a federal crime. Also since Holmseth is also a victim of this sort of thing it is up to him to report the incident as well. There were more of these incidents that have occurred over the past 8 years and I reported all of them to the appropriate authorities.

In addition to this Holmseth also made this remarkable comment on his Facebook account:


Timothy Charles Holmseth Hey folks – note how ‘Dirty Murty’ asserts he ‘defended’ me by ‘refusing’ to obey an order by organized crime. What kind of a scum-bag is even in communication with criminals like that?
The same question could be asked concerning the calls he has been getting from such organizations as Anonymous. The same question could be asked of Holmseth as to why he is using material generated by the SAME group that contacted me to attack me for defending him.
Following conversation exposes the TRUE Timothy Holmseth.
He does not take into account actions that go towards helping him in his cause and he certainly does not appreciate such actions.
Tim Holmseth will turn on those who help him if, in his eyes, he feels these actions will bolster his theories and garner support for his varius causes.
Those who continue to support this person might want to bear this in mind for you might be next.
Stay Tuned

On Sept 29th, Tim Holmseth posted a video he claims came from the hacktivist group Anonymous. The video threatened that if he did not remove all of his content from the internet that there would be consequences.

I decided to reach out to several dozen Anonymous groups (hives as they are called) to see which one made the video. There are several of these groups dedicated specifically towards investigating alleged pedophiles.

NONE had heard of Holmseth before getting that video. Needless to say, the video peaked their interest to the point where they are going to be looking very closely at Mr. Holmseth.

Some believe that Holmseth faked the video in order to gain new supporters.

It turns out that it was not such a bright thing to do.

Stay tuned


Just over a year ago I wrote this blog article where I actually defended Tim Holmseth. This was due to my getting scores of threats to either help a group get Holmseth fired from his job or face the consequences.

Shortly after I posted this article and stated that I refused to be intimidated into doing something that I do not condone, I was attacked by the group. False accusations were made, calls to landlords and people I associate with were made and so forth.

And how did Timothy Holmseth repay me for coming to his defense? By attacking me on his multimedia empire using the same material generated against me by this group.

Now the question to be asked here is why would Tim Holmseth do such a thing? My troubles with the group attacking him began years ago when I came to the defense of him and those who agreed with him.

I did not and still do not agree with his theories but I did and still do agree with his constitutional rights to publish them.

Where my support of Tim Holmseth stops is when he continued to harass and defame me and others with obvious false accusations and his insistance to spread fake news.

All I have asked of Tim Holmseth is to quit defaming me and remove his defamation of me from his media empire. He refuses to do that and he refuses to provide proof to back up his accusations. Instead he posts the works of cyber abusers and bullies in order to intimidate me into not holding him accountable of his actions.

Tim Holmseth’s harassment and bullying of me will not work. 

As the song says, I will not back down.

Holmseth is supposed to be an award winning journalist. It is about time he starts acting like one.

Stay tuned


On September 29th, 2017. self proclaimed investigative author Timothy C Holmseth put up a video he claims is from the hacktivist group Anonymous. In the video Anonymous spells out the misdeeds by Holmseth and his lack of willingness to become a productive member of society and abandon his defamation and slander of dozens of innocent victims.

Holmseth has not only not complied with the alleged Anonymous demands but has greatly increased his defamation and slander on his various social media websites.

If this turns out to be a hoax by Holmseth, how will the REAL members of Anonymous react to his using them in this manner?

Now that the Anonymous imposed deadline has passed and their demands have gone unheeded, will they carry out their threat or will this be proof of yet another hoax perpatrated by Holmseth in order to garner both pity and attention to himself.

Time will tell.

Stay tuned

Timothy is either a piss poor investigative journalist, grossly incompetent or both. His latest attack against me is a case in point. In an October 2nd posting on his facebook account he used a clip from a youtube set up by someone who calls itself “Eyes on Joy.” The youtube account was originally set up to attack a woman who was prominent in the case of Caylee Anthony. 

The individual also made negative postings against me on the account.

The person behind that account is a mortal enemy of Tim Holmseth and to this day is working to get all of Tim Holmseth’s accounts removed from the internet. In spite of this, Holmseth has decided to use this rather odd material in order to attack me once again.

The person who created the account used a rather weird text to speech utility that also used various cartoons to make rather crude audio clips. One would type out text in the utility and it would then convert the text to either a male, female or other type of voice. The utility was so widely abused that the creators of it removed it from the internet and as far as I know, is no longer available.

The clips are the strangest examples of how intensely people were attacked simply based on their opinions regarding a missing child case. At least a dozen people were abusively attacked using this method.

If Timothy Holmseth had bothered to research this 7 year old material he would have found that the person and group behind the account were people who openly stated that they hated Holmseth and anyone who supported him. This was one of the primary reasons this account was created.

Those few who support Tim Holmseth might want to reconsider their supportbased on his current conduct. He is demonstrating that he will use people who routinely attack his supporters to attack others in the same abusive manner they continue to utilize.

This latest action on Holmseth’s part is clear cut proof that he is not out for the truth about the Haleigh Cummings case but is, instead, out to intimidate those who truely seek the truth and demand that Holmseth provide proof to back up his many accusations against a great many people. 

Stay Tuned



Over the years I have watched as time and again, there have been mass shootings and in the aftermath, a lot of screaming and shouting about the need for something to be done to curb the problem. The first thing that comes up is gun control.

After the moments of silence, the prayers, the vigals and the funerals, a heated debate takes place on the internet and in the news media. The anti gun crowd goes after their prime target, the NRA.

According to the various news reports, the NRA has spent millions upon millions lobbying politicians at every level from local to state to federal in their efforts to not only prevent strict gun control laws but to do away with current regulations.

One effort by the NRA is to end the restrictions against silencers which are now currently illegal to own. The NRA also advocates the legalization of armor piercing ammunition.

Those who say they support the 2nd amendment and are what are commonly referred to as “gun lovers” or “gun nuts” base their votes on who will and will not support gun control if elected. If the gun advocates had their way, there would be no gun regulation at all. No licensing and no background checks.

They may very well get their wish. The GOP has the control of both houses of congress. They have control of the President. The GOP is moving in the direction of having control over the courts at the state and federal level right up to the surpreme court. More and more GOP control is being established in all levels of government from local right up through the state legislatures. 

Because of these factors and the lack of political will by the GOP to do anything about the problem of gun violence, there will be absolutely nothing done about gun violence.

Except of course, funerals, prayers and moments of silence.

Stay tuned


 Anyone who has been on the internet for any length of time has heard of Anonymous and has a general idea of what it is and how it goes about making the videos they post on the internet from time to time. Timothy C Holmseth now claims to have received one demanding that he remove all of his blogs and social media websites from the internet.

There is a slight problem with this particular claim, however.

Normally, when Anonymous produces one of these videos, they put it on their own youtube channel. The reason is that they seek to reach a wide audience with whatever message they wish to produce. In most cases, they do not send their message solely to a single individual for it defeats their intent to make their wishes known to the public at large. In Holmseth”s case, the video only appears on HIS youtube channel.

Is there a different explination as to where this video came from and who really made it?

If you go back to my earlier articles concerning multimedia content on Holmseth’s website, you will see that he created at least two songs using the voice of the now deceased Johny Cash. The voice in the songs were clearly NOT his.

This is not the first time a video purported to be from Anonymous has appeared on Tim Holmseth’s Youtube channel. This rather odd video appeared on his channel in June of this year.

It is because of his experteese in creating this kind of material that makes me suspect that the Anonymous video is nothing more than a publicity stunt. I strongly feel Timothy Holmseth has created the video to gain support for him in his strange crusade on his various internet websites.

Holmseth has always used the third person to write about himself and his theories. He made the articles appear as if it were someone else writing about him.

Holmseth wanted to create the illusion that he had a lot of people rallying behind his cause. It is these factors that has caused me to doubt the video is genuine.

Holmseth would need to provide clear cut proof that it was the REAL Anonymous that made that video and not himself.

The proof may well come within a week or so since Holmseth is not likely to remove anything but instead will continue his defamation of the innocent victims of his conspiracy theories. If no blog appears condemning Holmseth, then this may well be a hoax. Or Holmseth may well create the blog to redicule himself in order to gain more support.

Thus is the paradox named Timothy C Holmseth.

Stay Tuned


If anything can prove how easy it is to make unproven accusations on the internet, Timothy C Holmseth’s media empire is a prime example. For years this conspiracy theorist has accused me of being a pedophile and being involved in one way or another in having something to do with the fate of at least two missing and deceased children.

In a twitter post just a few hours before this writing, he posted this on his twitter page:

Creep Van Lawyer involved with missing Florida children – hands on contact with kidnapped child. “

Tim Holmseth does not seem to understand or care the kind of damage that this causes to innocent victims of his theories.

Because of the websites he mentioned in his conspiracy blogs, I have lost a business that put a dozen people out of work and caused me to lose my home. I have also been threatened doxed and swatted twice by members of Anonymous.

One Anonymous associate residing in southwest Lake County Florida cost me several thousand dollars with a stunt he pulled a couple of years ago.

I have asked Holmseth to provide proof of his accusations only to be met with his claim that his information is secret and he would be arrested if he were to release it.

What this nonsense is, is an excuse to prevent him having to provide the proof to back up his accusations against me and others and thus be exposed as a pathological liar.

What Holmseth is doing is dangerous. He is putting the safety and security of a lot of people at risk by constantly posting these false narratives. There are many vigilante groups, some heavily armed, who would be more than willing to dole out their perceived mission to eke out justice against the accused.

One of these days, someone is going to get killed because of Holmseth.




Timothy C Holmseth has been going on a tirade for almost a decade, claiming to have proof that hundreds of people are behind what happened to Haleigh Cummings as well as a number of other children.

He has claimed time and again to have secret recordings that would cause him to get arrested if they were to be released. The only way this could happen is if he had committed a crime such as being the person who kidnapped the children or was involved in some way as an accessory.

Just the opposite is true. If Holmseth were to have evidence that would solve these crimes, he could be arrested for NOT releasing the information to law enforcement and charged with obstruction of justice.

The simple fact is that Holmseth has no secret recordings on a flash drive or anywhere else for that matter. If he had, this information would have been made public years ago.

When confronted with these facts Holmseth turns to 5th grade playground name calling and the making up of more false accusations in order to divert his readers from the simple fact that he has nothing to offer in the way of proof.

His internet is nothing more than an elaborate fiction created in his own mind.

Stay tuned


In the early 1950’s there was an effort to help Europe recover from the ravages of World War 2. It was called The Marshall plan. General George C Marshall created an advisory panel that eventually led to creation of the relief effort.

Much like Puerto Rico, the European infrastructure was devistated and getting supplies where needed was thought to be impossible. Marshall and his group overcame many obsticles and delivered millions of tons of supplies to a desperate continent in short order. 

While all modes of delivery were utilized from ships to trucks to airplanes and trains, the fastest and most effective delivery method was by parachute. Thousands of aircraft flew 24/7 making pin point drops to the worst hit areas in Europe.

It should be no problem in this day of modern aircraft and methods of delivering on the spot supplies to a devistated people. I am shocked that this has not happened already.

It is time for the bickering and politics to stop immediately.

Get a “Puerto Rican Marshall plan” into place right now.

Stay tuned