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The civil lawsuit that Deric Lostutter filed against Alexandra Goddard, Thomas Olsen and Michelle McKee have had an unexpected result. It has pitted those who used to be close friends against each other.

When Deric first filed his lawsuit against them they stood together to mount a common defense. At some point, there was a negotiation between the parties and Deric to try and come to some kind of settlement which would stop the dispute and result in the dismissal of the lawsuit.

Unfortunately, the negotiations broke down due in part to Michelle not willing to agree to the tentative terms of the settlement. Matters got worse when Deric unexpectedly dropped Michelle from the lawsuit.

A new dispute began only this time it was between Michelle and Alexandra Goddard and Thomas Olsen. It is a dispute that continues to this day. Part of the problem lies in Michelle’s filing of a motion to recover expenses from her defense against Deric’s lawsuit along with punitive damages resulting from her being sued by Deric in the first place.

The most recent development in the situation was when Michelle filed an affidavit on May 3, 2017, stating her position on the matter. This resulted in Alexandra Goddard filing the following affidavit to counter Michelle’s filing.

Affidavit of Alexandria Goddard

The affidavit starts out routinely enough with Ms. Goddard stating that Michelle is not currently a party to the action.

In point 8 of the filing Ms. Goddard points out that because Deric was under strict supervision of the court that she could have filed a complaint with the probation officer supervising his release in order to counter any duress she might have been under due to his actions since by doing so, Deric was in violation of the terms of his being free prior to May 8th.

Next, Ms. Goddard states that Michelle had told a number of people that she had moved to another state and that the claim by Michelle that Holly or someone else had disclosed private information about her whereabouts was false.

Ms.Goddard then goes on to state that while Michelle was originally part of Deric’s civil action that this is no longer the case. Ms. Goddard also details the limited role their atty has with Michelle now that she is no longer a party to the lawsuit. Ms. Goddard then states that it is her belief that Michelle engaged in secret negotiations that had the result of her being dropped from the lawsuit. Ms. Goddard stated that part of her actions was the disclosure of privileged information that would give Deric leverage in his lawsuit against Ms. Goddard and Mr. Olsen.

Ms. Goddard then states that Michelle has a mental condition that causes her to claim that she is a victim of circumstances when in fact she is not and that¬† ” there is no legal basis to make her the “fall guy” or any such self-made conspiracy.”

Ms. Goddard closes out her affidavit claiming that the atty who has filed with the court a motion to be released from any further representation of her and Mr. Thomas caused damage to their case by his continued representation of Michelle in her actions to seek damages and reimbursement of expenses from Deric Lostutter. 

I have been informed that Thomas Olsen has filed his own affidavit and when it becomes a matter of public record, I will publish it here.

Stay tuned