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When Deric Lostutter was sentenced to federal prison and was scheduled to report on May, 8th, 2017 I had originally intended to do my on location live webcast from where Deric would be housed which is tentatively the Federal prison in Butner, NC.


After I wrote this draft, Deric was remanded to the FCI Petersburg penitentiary in Lowell, Virginia. This will likely be where he serves his entire sentence.  

After doing a bit of research, I decided that going to a federal prison to cover his arrival would not work since the likely hood of seeing Deric enter the prison would be slim to none.

It then came to Me that it might be more appropriate to go to where the story began and that would be Steubenville Ohio. It was the town that was the most affected by Deric and his actions and it seemed a good place to complete the story.

Steubenville is known solely as a place where the “rape of the century” took place. Little else about Steubenville is known outside of the rape case. I felt the need to tell the story of the good side of Steubenville and those who live there.

It is a town of history and community. It is the story of people who live their lives day by day, out of the national spotlight. It is this story I hope to tell.

Please join me on my journey to tell the story of a small midwestern town.

Stay tuned